• by: Kat Simpson
  • recipient: Sheriff Joe Arpaio & D. Trombi Abuse Investigator Maricopa Co Sheriff Dept
Published: June 11, 2007

Filed at 11:08 p.m. ET

PHOENIX (AP) -- Arizona authorities arrested a veterinarian Monday on suspicion that he hit a five-pound Chihuahua in the head so hard that he dislodged the dog's eye. Joshua Winston faces animal cruelty charges in the June 4 incident, according to Maricopa County Sheriff's Office spokesman Capt. Paul Chagolla.

Another spokesman, Deputy Charles Scudella, said Winston had posted bond Monday night and would be released. He did not know how much the bond was.

Employees at the Sun City West Animal Hospital northwest of Phoenix reported that Winston punched/ hit the Chihuahua, named Bella, in the head three to five times with his fist, according to Vet Techs who witnessed the vicious attack by the Vet upon this 5 lb dog.

The dog survived, but had to undergo corrective surgery.

''The eye was put back in and stitched,'' Scudella said. ''It's a wait-and-see if the dog still gets use of the eye.''

Two veterinarian technicians who said they witnessed the incident told the sheriff's office that Winston was extremely frustrated with the dog because it was uncooperative and aggressive during a visit for spay surgery.

''We trust our vets with those that we love most,'' Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said. ''Most vets are good people, they love animals. I just hope this is an isolated incident, not just with this vet, but with any vet.''

Winston also faces a theft charge from an incident earlier this year. Hospital employees said Winston charged a client $80 for medication he didn't give a Neapolitan Mastiff after the dog became uncooperative.

A call to the animal hospital was not immediately returned Monday.

THIS IS THE ABUSER...this is not his only charge and with the many years of experience we have come to know that this would not have been his first time, nor his last, and we most remove him from society where he is surely a danger to people as well as animals in not only his practice, but at home as well. He deserves a felony conviction and jail, to revoke any and all licenses held by him and to never be allowed to  work in ANY field where he has access to ANY animals ever including personal. ..He is a criminal and should be treated as the criminal he is, and given the RAGE of his actions against a defenseless animal, he is a dangerous person...The fact that ONE he would BEAT an animal of any size including a 5 lb tiny dog over and over until the dogs eye dislodged which is very dificult and takes  tremendous force along with the fact that he is also charged with false charges which is theft, this shows his moral character or LACK of, which is vital, showing him to have no remorse for his actions, only that he was finally caught after who knows how long this has gone on, terrible crimes have been commited against the most innocent...animals.

Please, as we come to you perhaps in silent words here, our voices are a cry for justice for the beating of this innocent dog, who was unmercifully and brutally beaten by a person who took an oath to heal and help and do no harm to animals, and instead took out his uncontrolled RAGE against a timy innocent being and caused permanent damage both physically and emotionally to BELLA.
This is a most heinous crime, and a crime against a fellow living being of God, a crime against society.  He is a danger as abuse follows abuse to both people and animals, and this man preys upon those who can not defend themselves, we now come to you for justice. PLEASE as we all speak for BELLA, give her the justice she deserves and the protection all animals deserve, to be free from abuse and to the abusers that WE society and the law WILL NOT TOLERANT ANIMAL ABUSE..You will go to jail!
Thank you for hearing our voice.
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