To Return Mary G Sykes Home and to Remove Carolyn Toerpe as Plenary Guardian

Probate elder abuse in Cook County is a continuing issue.  The courts are corrupt and deny the elderly their human rights on a regular basis.  Mary G Sykes, a 92 year old woman is just one example.  While she stood in open court and wanted to tell the judge she wanted to return home with her daughter Gloria J Sykes, she was denied this right.  She was repeatedly denied the right to an attorney by the court.  Her GAL's only listened to one party--Carolyn Toerpe and the entire procedure was railroaded.  Gloria was denied the right to be her guardian--even though she lovingly cared for her for 10+ years in Mary's own home.  Carolyn, who had little contact and rarely took her mother was awarded Plenary Guardianship in a railroaded proceeding.
Gloria was further denied her right to counsel of her choice when the GAL's told the judge (wrongully) there was conflict when Ms. Denison, her lawyer, had only notarized one document for Mary, she was never Mary's attorney, and all evidence pointed to the contrary.
Recently, Gloria's assets were taken by the court--all without the GAL's or the court requiring that Gloria be served with a summon's and complaint--both required under Illinois law and the US Constitution.  Those order are void, illegal and of no effect and should be immediately vacated by the Probate Court.
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1.   A COMPLETE AND UNBIASED PHYSICAN AND MENTAL EXAMINATION OF MARY SYKES TO BE CONDUCTED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO CENTER FOR ADVANCED MEDICINE OR NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY.      This examination must be conducted by real doctors, not doctors who are willing to sign certificates of incompency without examining the patent - the record in this case reveals such a physican.   It also reveals that the plenary guardian signed one of the certificates representing that she was a PhD.   She is not!   2. A COMPLETE INQUIRY AS TO THE PETITION THAT WAS FILED BY MARY SYKES WITH THE AID OF COURT PERSONNEL SEEKING AN ORDER OF PROTECTION.   It is amazing that this serious proceeding was totally ignored by the Circuit Court of Cook County and the two guardian ad litem who were assigned to this case.   Incidentally why are there two guardian ad litem and what is their role - except to prevent Mary from having legal representation?       3.  A COMPLETE INQUIRY AS TO THE ESTATE PLANNING DOCUMENTS THAT WERE PROMULGATED THAT ESSENTIALLY DISINHERITED MARY'S YOUNGER DAUGHTER.   This should have been a red flag for the guardian ad litem.    Since the plenary guardian was the named abuser in Mary's petition for a protective order this situation should have been investigated.    Demands for the notes on such inquiry by the GALs have resulted in nothing being produced. 4.  A COMPLETE INQUIRY INTO ALL FACTS SURROUNDING THE APPOINTMENT OF A PLENARY GUARDIAN FOR MARY SYKES    THIS SHOULD BE COMPREHENSIVE AND SHOULD FOCUS UPON SUCH ISSUES AS WHY THE SODINI NOTICES WERE NOT HAD, THE AUGUST 31 2009 TRANSCRIPT, THE APPOINTMENT OF TWO GUARDIAN AD LITEM, THE DISQUALIFICATION OF JOANNE DENISON, THE ATTORNEY EXCLAMATION OF BEING RAILROADED, THE ACTIONS OF THE GAL IN PREVENTING MARY FROM HAVING LEGAL COUNSEL.  The Sodini case makes these notices jurisdictional.    Will there by a 'cover up' of the admitted failure to serve the Sodini notices?     If there is , what is law enforcement going to do about it. 5.  A COMPLETE INQUIRY INTO THE REMOVAL OF MARYS ASSETS FROM HER HOME AND FROM HER SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX - INCLUDING THE UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE ASSETS IN THE INVENTORY.    this is the heart of the criminal conduct and the unifying thread of this case and the other guardianship abuse cases.    this thread also extends to the nursing home financial exploitation cases.   Millions in tax revenue is lost by not requiring the guardians to report the 'loot' received as ordinary income. 6.  ALL FACTORS INVOLVED IN THE ISOLATION OF MARY SYKES FROM NOT ONLY HER YOUNGER DAUGHTER BUT HER SIBLINGS, FRIENDS, AND ACTIVITIES.   There is no justifiable reason why Mary's 80/90 year old friends and relatives cannot freely and in an unfettered manner visit with her and communicate with her.    It is important that law enforcement ascertain the motivation for the GALs acting in a concerted manner to perpetuate the isolation.     Indeed, the demonization of Gloria Sykes by Adam Stern and Cynthia Faranga (GALs) is not only unjustified but evidence of gross impropriety.     Ms. Sykes is a published author and professional journalist.      7.  other and different aspects of the financial exploitation and elder abuse. If the Naperville Police Department is in good faith they should get in touch with Sgt Mary Woolery of the Illinois State Police and open a file and start a complete investigation.     What has been alleged herein are serious felonies.      It should be remembered that if the diagnosis of Mary Sykies is actually true, the isolation is reasonably calculated to terminate her life by causing her anticipated depression and loss of the will to live   -  homicide is a felony!

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