To Revisit Redress Act In Breach Of Irish Abuse Victims Human Rights

The aim of this Petition is to gather enough Signatures and support from the Survivors of Institutional Child Abuse, also with the support of the General Public to take our case to the European Courts of Human Rights, to seek Justice for all Survivors Abused in Catholic Institutions.

The Redress Board which was set up under the Residential Institutions Redress Act, 2002 (by the Irish Government/State/Religious) to make awards to persons who, as children, were Severely, Sexually/Emotionally/Physically abused while residents in industrial schools, reformatories and other institutions subject to state regulation or inspection.

We are outraged at the apalling treatment and manner in which the Irish State and Religious Congregations have dealt with Victims, in particular the Residential Redress Board, which was another form of Abuse that left many Victims extremely traumatized.

The Redress Act breaches the European Convention of Human Rights (1998) applied to Irish State Law and International Human Rights Act-(1948) at:


This awful period, which went on for decades longer than it should have, will in time be seen as a type of Holocaust for us all. It will be acknowledged World Wide.

In the same way as the Famine has left an indelible imprint on the Irish psyche, this period in modern Irish history, when fully absorbed and acknowledged, including through a proper memorial, will be seen as one of the awfulest parts of our history.
Except this time it was done by Irish people to Irish people without anyone crying 'stop'.

If our own People cannot wright their wrongs, accept what has happened and cherrish the Victims (their own People) appropriately, then what does that say about Ireland as a Country?

We the undersigned, respectfully call upon the European Courts of Human Rights to accept our Application, along with this Petition, to seek Justice for all Survivors of the Irish Holocaust.

We beleive the Residential Redress Board was unconstitutional and the Indemnity offered by the Religious Congregations and the Irish State, was infact illegal.

Victims were also assured by the Ex Minister-Michael Woods, that Survivors would receive the equivalent to that of High Court payouts. They were deceived, denied and pressured (if not cajoled) to accept small Awards by their Legal Representatives who often insisted they 'would not receive a better offer'

Victims have suffered another form of Abuse as a result of the Redress Board Award Scheme, a cruel process, which left Survivors not only cheated out of fair Compensation, but extremely traumatized.

The Irish Government and the Religious Congregations, continue to deny Victims of closure, dignity, and peace. They refuse to engage individully, whilst dealing with People who have took it upon themselves to Represent Victims (with out being given a Mandate to do so) and have done so for the last nine years by disregarding any request for help. There has been reports by the Media recently that Millions of Euros handed over to such Group Representatives cannot be Accounted for, which raises serious questions regarding the credibility of Funding Bodies and also how Victims Monies, intended for them, have been distributed. It is extremely concerning to learn that the HSE refuse to investigate such concerns, which only proves to show a State that is flawed in many ways, in particular in it's dealings with some of the most vulnerable members of Society. The Irish Survivors of Child Abuse.

On behalf of all Survivors, we thank you for taking the time to read our concerns. We hope that Justice will be done and the remaining Victims will live to see this day.

The Irish Victims Of Child Abuse.


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