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  • by: Gypsy Lovers United
  • target: Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, Gypsy Horse Association, Gypsy Horse Registry of America, American Drum Horse Association, Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association

Hey guys.... So I am finally able to reveal which registry has stepped forward to help with unifying the Gypsy breed (Drums and Crosses included!). Becky Glover of the GCDHA came forward after learning about the petition signed by so many members and offered to help unify the breed. Our dream is to see the registries come back to the members rather than BODs. Thus giving the people of the breed a voice in what happens to the horses that they love.

Right now we will be focusing on baby steps, inching towards unity of all of the registries hoping to join the cause. The goal is to slowly standardize parts of each of the registries to help make owning a Gypsy easier and less confusing, as well as providing a foothold towards coming together. The Breed standard, stallion reports, show rules, etc, all working towards a single breed registry. To keep from biting off more than we can chew, please understand that this will be a lengthy project with lots of little steps along the way. However, everybody will be kept updated on the progress, asking for your opinions throughout the entire process. With each little victory we will be one step closer to a single registry, proving that we can work together for the betterment of our breed one step at a time.

A big thank you goes out to the GCDHA for not giving up on the idea that was started years ago of a single registry (GVHS has declined the offer to work together.) . We have 1 other registry who has stepped forward with interest in helping this idea along, and after speaking with them tomorrow I'll share their name with you. 2 more registries are set to bring this idea forward to their BODs in upcoming meetings around 10 days from now. So if you want to see your registry as a part of this project, contact them soon and let them know that you'd like to see them bring the registry back to the members and the horses. I would also like to extend a thank you to the individuals who have stepped forward to offer help with all of the filing and paperwork. That will go a low way towards keeping everything processing in a timely manner throughout this entire undertaking.

Thank you all for your signatures, shares, thoughts, comments, concerns, and especially for your support! We could not have done any of this without you!!!! Please keep sending your ideas and any issues you would like to see addressed to to be shared with the registries who become a part of this project. You do not have to be a current member to share your suggestions. We are looking to hear from everybody new to the breed and from those who dream of owning a Gypsy as well! Thank you for helping support the horses we all know and love, no matter what you call them, by being a part of this dream!  ***

For those who have been a part of or observed the Gypsy horse/Gypsy Cob/Gypsy Vanner/Drum Horse community, it is immediately apparent that a lack of unity can be found throughout the breed.  Here are the registries listed below that are associated with the Gypsy breed to date (this includes Drums and Cross registries).

Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
American Gypsy Horse Breed Association
Gypsy Horse Association
Gypsy Horse Registry of America
Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association
American Drum Horse Association
The Gypsian Horse

Quite daunting, isn't it, when you're trying to figure out which registry to work with, who to show with, not to mention trying to figure out which Breed Standard is correct.  It makes joining the Gypsy breed a bit intimidating and confusing, not to mention frustrating and expensive for those who already have a horse(s) that need to be registered.  Being so spread out, not to mention at odds with one another, results in misinformation being spread and a generally unprofessional impression being shared throughout the horse community. 

So many in the Gypsy Horse breed have spent years begging for the registries to come together.  A few attempts have been made, but unfortunately it appears that the discussions didn't get far due to arguing amongst those involved.  It is understood that each registry was founded due to differences in opinions as to the future of the Gypsy Horse, and how it should be marketed.  Every single registry has something good to offer the horses, be it marketing, showing, inspection programs, education, etc.  However, until we are able to all come together to help promote the breed as a whole, we will continue to pull our breed's integrity and public persona down.

We, as a breed, are stepping forward with a plea to all of the registries.  PLEASE help us unify the Gypsy Horse Breed under 1 single registry.  We are asking for a few members of the Board of Directors of each registry to step forward and help be the voice of the people in the breed.  Show us that you care what your members have to say, and are willing to work towards promoting this breed together.  As members, we do not care about personal agendas, about bruised egos, or what has gone on in the past.  In order for this breed to move forward, we must move past everything that happened in the past and focus on the future of the horses we love most. 

This petition is a way of showing each registry how many people support combining our efforts towards one ultimate goal, a single Gypsy registry.  Like the larger registries (i.e. AQHA, APHA, AHA, etc) we would like to see a single purebred Gypsy registry, separated from Drums and Crosses, but all under one umbrella (i.e. Foundation Quarter Horse Association, National Quarter Horse Registry, American Half Quarter Horse Registry, etc).  This would ensure that a single breed standard can be referenced, a single set of show rules, not to mention making education easier.  Also, separating the breeds will also prevent individuals and farms from attempting to falsely advertise their Crosses as Drums or Purebreds.  The Drums and Crosses would either be able to combine under one registry name, though separating them would help prevent additional misrepresentation in the future, or separate them into a total of 3 registries all under a single umbrella. 

The details will all be hashed out in the future as the registries come together to find a solution towards uniting the Gypsy breed.  For now, all we're asking for is YOUR support in signing this petition to let the Gypsy registries know that you are tired of the politics and games.  We want to bring Unity to the Gypsy Horse/Gypsy Cob/Gypsy Vanner here in the States.  Coming together as a community will help to ensure that this breed is here to stay for generations to come.

Keep in mind, this is not about promoting one registry over the other or saying that one registry has it right compared to another.  We have to look beyond ourselves and our own personal goals and focus on supporting the Gypsy breed to the best of our abilities.  So many in the breed have been asking for the change, and this is our chance to share our voice with all of the registries at once.  Let us all come together for the betterment of the breed, one signature at a time!
We the undersigned have come together to bring forth an issue which has been plaguing the Gypsy Horse/Gypsy Cob/Gypsy Vanner/Drum Horse breed for almost a decade.  As members of many of the registries that have been setup in the States, we ask you to hear our plea. 

For the future of the Gypsy horse, we ask that all differences be put aside and instead of working against one another, the registries in the United States work together to help unify our breed.  As of right now, we are (honestly) a laughing stock in the horse community due to our own inability to get along.  We realize that each registry has so much to offer this breed, but as of right now it is like a body with each limb pulling in different directions.  Until all of the limbs come together towards one ultimate goal, no progress can be made.

We realize that this change will not happen overnight.  However, we are asking that the Board of Directors for each registry come together and genuinely discuss coming together for the breed.  Look at the AQHA, APHA, AHA, etc, and how they handle all of their different factions.  They have their main association which acts as an umbrella over all of the other "minor" factions underneath it.  This ensures that a standardized set of rules and regulations oversee all of the other groups activities, but still gives them room for their own identities and goals.  (The AQHA has factions for Foundation bred QH's with specific bloodlines,  National quarter horse association which was the first to accept any color that the AQHA would not register, as well as the Half Quarter horse association.)   However, each still must follow the original Breed Standards set by the AQHA, as well as the membership and show guidelines which must be followed  by each branch.   Each Gypsy Horse registry has its own positive and negatives, and each has a lot to offer this breed as a whole.  However, we must come together to help see that goal through. 

So please..... We are asking you to listen to your members, and the concerns that they have had for almost 10 years.  Please help bring the Gypsy Horses together under 1 registry.  Ideally we need 1 registry for Gypsies, 1 registry for Drums, and 1 registry for crosses.  This will help to prevent false advertising of farms/stock, as well as help with educating the public of the differences between the breeds and really distinguishing quality within each of the breeds.  As a single registry we can work towards a single breed standard, inspection programs to help promote top breeding stock, as well as working towards true Regional, National, and World Shows in the future!  Segregated we are weak, spread thin, and will continue to flounder around while the breed is lost and no longer the horses that we originally came to love.  Together we can unite and help bring the Gypsy to the forefront of the Horse Market as an amazing, versatile, kind horse that has a wonderful community behind it.

Thank you, so much, for considering what these signatures mean to the Gypsy breed in general as well as to our community as a whole.  We are not expecting miracles overnight, but we are hoping for conversations to start and for the registries to really show that they care about their members and what this breed really needs.  Several members of the Gypsy community have stepped forward to offer help in bringing this breed together, and we hope that the registries will hear our plea for unity. 

Thank you again for your time and consideration.  We hope to see many positive changes within this community in the future, starting with our breed finally coming together after so many years of fighting.  Help us ensure that there is a future for the Gypsy breed here in the States.
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