Urge Supermarkets to stop stop stocking Canadian Seafood

  • by: Kendra Pinder
  • recipient: CEO's of Sainsburys,Waitrose,Tesco's,Adsa,Marks & Spencer

Every year during off season fishing, the fishing trade of Canada to makes up its coffers turn their attention to smashing the skulls and skinning (In some cases still alive) baby seals. We have all seen the barbaric and horrific scenes that these so called hunters cause on the ice nurseries of Canada. But no matter how loud the world screams and begs for this to be stopped the Canadian government and the fishermen still carry on, The Canadian Government still allows this to proceed, promotes it,defends it with inexcusable reasons and rationales, the fishermen still take to the ice and seemingly gorge themselves in the blood and pain of what they do.

Well, enough is enough....If Canada and its fishermen choose not to listen to the international community, then lets make them listen.

Billions of pounds every year is spent by consumers on Sea Food imported from Canada. The Canadian Fishing industry and the Canadian Government rely on our countries to buy there products. Its very simple, they hurt the seals, we hurt them....In their pockets.

Though the EU as are other countries against Sealing, the major supermarkets and food giants though not importing seal products certainly are helping to fund the fishermen by stocking Canadian Sea Food. They will state they are simply stocking what their customers want...So together, lets tell the supermarkets that actually, No we do not want this!

Its simple...

1) Sign this petition and tell the world why you pledge to go Canada Sea Food free

2) Share on your social networking sites to make people stop and look to see if they are about line the pockets of the seal killers and their government.

3) Let me know of the major supermarkets in your country and I will send this petition to them as well. You can email me directly at kendra.pinder.hotmail.co.uk

So what are you waiting for? The Canadian Government and their Fishermen wil;l not listen, so lets make them listen!
To whom it may concern
Reference: Canadian Sea Food Products within your stores

We the undersigned strongly urge your company to stop stocking Canadian Sea Food within your product lines. As your customers we are requesting that you do not fund the very people who carry out every year the vile torture and slaughter of baby seals, this being the Canadian Fishermen and its industry.

We feel so strongly about this that we are pledging to go Canadian SeaFood Free until the brutality ends and Seal hunting is banned.

We are sure that you do take on board your customers views and in this instance, note that we as your customers, believe by funding the Canadian Fishing Industry, you are also enabling the Fishermen to purchase the ships and equiptment that allow them to continue this vile annual event.

Thank you for your time and consideration
The Undersigned
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