Vaccination Associated Sarcomas (VAS)

   Like any dedicated animal owner, I was adamant that every one of my children (dogs, cats, etc.) were properly vaccinated on an annual basis.  Little did I know that eight years later my angel "Boo Kitty" would be fighting for her life in a devastating battle against vaccination associated sarcomas (VAS).  According to the most recent available research, approximately 1 to 2 cats out of 10,000 who have been vaccinated will develop this horrible disease.  I had never even heard of this cancer until Amelia.
   Apparently, VAS was recognized as a serious problem in the early 1990's; enough so that the American Veterinarian Association, in collaboration with several other agencies, instituted the Vaccination Associated Sarcoma Task Force to study this disease.  Results from this study were published in the mid-1990's and one would think that veterinarians as well as vaccination manufacturers would openly embrace the recommendations given by the VAS task force in an attempt to prevent this terrible illness from occuring.  Unfortunately, this is not the case....even now, over a decade after the original findings were published.

   The purpose of this petition is to require all veterinarians be educated on this disease and on the recommendations given to thwart VAS.  Honestly, it's not rocket science nor is it something exceedingly difficult to achieve.  The #1 cause of vaccination associated sarcomas stem from vaccinations being given in the inter-scapular / mid-line area (in-between the shoulder-blades).  Just one vaccination in this area will increase your feline friend's chances of aquiring this cancer by 50%!  Two vaccinations at this particluar site will increase the cat's odds of VAS by 127%.  Three or more vaccinations and the likelihood of VAS jumps dramatically to over 200%.

   Another reason, as if one is needed, that the task force gave for not administering vaccinations in the inter-scapular / mid-line area involves treatment options.  Because VAS is such an aggressive cancer, the only effective method of treatment is to completely remove the limb in which the cancer has appeared.  If the vaccinations were given in-between the shoulder-blades, your beloved animal doesn't have this option.  In addition, due to the severity of VAS, it is likely that the cancer will spread to the lungs and metastasize.  
   Please help me in my family's fight by signing this petition so we can prevent your family from going through what Amelia did.  Our #1 goal is to have all recommendations from the VAS task force implemented across the United States.  In addition to this goal, our desire is to force vaccination manufacturers to have the proper vaccination administration guidelines illustrated on their product boxes as an additional security measure in this fight. *Currently, the only featured guideline on vaccination products states that injections should be done subcutaneously* 
   If you would like more information, simply google "vaccination associated sarcoma task force".

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