Cierra's Law

  • by: Candace and Kids
  • target: First the Senator of TN-Then all the way to the President with the help of you all- no stopping
As of now, when a parent is convicted for abusing their own children, they will receive an array of services to "help" them. They will re receive a bed to sleep, clothing, shelter from the cold,three meals a day, education, legal services, health care, dental care, a right to work, therapy, and any other services deemed as necessary. The program is set up to see that the offender receives everything needed. The government even makes sure the offender is where he/she needs to be to get the services.

Victims and non-offending parents or caregivers are left to live and attempt to maintain in schools, work, and in the community with an array of emotional disturbances left from the abuse and trauma. As you may well know children suffering from emotional disturbances will have severe behavior problems that teachers, schools, and after school programs can not handle. This situation leaves the care-giver with major work-family conflict while facing the trials of emotionally unstable children.

There is no financial support for these families. All children need and deserve financial support. Children and families in this situation need it in a harsh way. They are being left out. This must change! The offender is cared for for and the victims are left to pay a greater price. What are we saying with this resultant effect?

Offenders that rob banks and stores must pay restitution in attempt to restore the damage done. A parent turns their own child into a victim and pays nothing? Are we saying damage that results in financial damage is the only thing deserving of restitution? Are we saying banks and stores hold more value than children and families?

Cierra's Law will ensure that when a parent is convicted and sentenced to prison, restitution will be set. The amount will be based on the cost to raise a child, the age of the child or children abused, and extent of trauma inflicted upon the child.

Our future needs us now! These children will become active part of our society. They need support to heal, grow, and learn to live free from the bondage of abuse of their parent/parents. With financial support and wrap around services for the victim and family (as the offender is receiving) these children can break cycles, live free from alcohol and drug addictions, maintain jobs and healthy homes. If we, the citizens of America do some sewing, we will reap the benefits!

Please stand with me to make this change. Thank you!
We all want the best for our children here in America.
When a child digs up the courage to speak out, we protect them as we promise by  locking up the offender.
After that we have considered our work done.
It is not! We have a responsibility to continue to care for them. We have a job to see that all victims have a chance to recover from the pain and shame inflicted upon them. Please think about Cierra's Law and consider the trauma and hardship of families and victims living with this situation today.

Thank you, Candace
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