Walmart Stop Selling the Lavaquarium

Walmart Canada is featuring and selling this lava lamp/ aquarium in it's stores this fall. It is designed especially for Betta fish. There is a myth that Betta fish don't need room to move as they are not overly active in captivity. But the truth according to experts is that Betta fish needs the same 30 - 40 gallons as do all other pet fish. 

The Lavaquarium, with it's harsh ever changing lighting and extremely small size is nothing more than a torture chamber for fish. The fish cannot move in any direction and with no room for plants or other distraction it would make a miserable home for any pet . 

I would like to have this cruel tortourous product removed from the shelves of Walmart permanently, thus sparing any fish to have to spend their lives incased in this lava nightmare.
We the undersigned would like to ask that the Lavaquarium please be removed from your shelves immediately. This horribly cruel container does not meet what are  humane requirements for housing fish. Although there is a myth that is currently prevalent that Betta Fsih need no room to move because they are not particularily active in captivity, the truth is according to experts that Betta Fish need the same 30- 40 gallon tanks as all other fish do.
This lamp with it's harsh lighting, extremely small size would create a miserable home for any fish and because the fish is not even able to turn around or move in any direction would have to live in a state of inertia and boredom .
This product is  essentially a torture chamber for fish and should be removed as quickly as possible from all your stores, there by saving any fish the misery of life inside one of these small contraptions.
Thank you.
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