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UPDATE:  The Commonwealth Attorney has now taken over this case and charges will be presented to the Grand Jury for an upgrade to FELONY Charges!  Your signatures have helped!  Continue to distribute this petition among your friends.  We will extend the deadline for signing due to this change.  

Charges now upgraded to FELONY CLASS D!   Hooray!   Keep Signing!
http://www.somerset-kentucky.com/local/local_story_239211719.html      posted 08/29/2009, upgraded on 08/27/2009



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UPDATE:  Commonwealth Journal Article:  Click here:

UPDATE:  View this video from local TV which did a story after learning of our petition!

(Thanks to "For the Love of a Dog Blog" Author Deanna Raeke for posting this story in her daily blog!)


Mr. Robert Suttles, Somerset, KY, has demonstrated a total disregard for the life and health of his devoted canine companion, a Lab mix named Bowser.  911 (Sheriff's Department) has been called in the past to the home of Mr. Suttles where neighbors had observed that he refused to give his dog the basics for sustenance:  food and water.   Emergency personnel would not seize the dog since no ribs were showing.  On other occasions they refused to respond to the 911 calls.

In retaliation for the neighbors' 911 calls, on June 30, 2009, Mr. Suttles demonstrated his dominance over this animal.   Boasting of his ability to treat his own dog as he liked, he proceeded to pour antifreeze onto bread and to stuff this deadly concoction in Bowser's mouth, holding the mouth closed so that Bowser could not spit it out and had to swallow it.  Mr. Suttles performed this act of cruelty in front of neighbors and other witnesses.  Death from antifreeze poisoning is one of the cruelest deaths.

Bowser was unable to regain standing position after this poisoning as he was in severe pain from the deadly food.  Mr. Suttles left Bowser outside in pain for two full days  (no food, water, meds, comfort) until he went outside to Bowser, kicked him viciously in the head until Bowser finally died.  At this point, on July 2, 2009, he dragged the lifeless body across his yard to a burn barrel and proceeded to burn Bowser's body that night, leaving no opportunity for necropsy.  But there were witnesses to his vile and heinous acts, witnesses who are willing to testify to his heinous acts.  (But witnesses are scared of retaliation from Suttles, as he apparently done so in the past.)

On July 20, 2009, charges against Mr. Suttles were finally filed.  He has been charged with second degree animal cruelty and harassment and a $7,500 bail has been set.  Mr. Suttles tried to plead to lesser charges but Judge Woods set trial for Monday, August 28, 2009, at a time to be determined later, in order for the DA to interview witnesses and gather facts.

On the night of the burning of the body, the Sheriff was called to Mr. Suttles' home but he reportedly made himself unavailable to help.

This is not the first time that Mr. Suttles has been involved in documented cruelty.  to animals.  He has bragged about killing another dog in March 2009.  And he has been seen throwing food (laced with antifreeze?) over another neighbor's fence to her goats.

Somerset KY has experienced many unexplained deaths of domestic animals by antifreeze poisoning and other means.  It has been suggested that Mr. Suttles may be behind those acts as well, but we do not have evidence to support that at this time.

Somerset KY is a nice community with good neighbors who love and care for their domestic animals.  If Bowser, a beautiful black lab mix, had become a burden to Mr. Suttles, he could have surrendered Bowser to the Humane Society for rehoming.  Instead, he willingly and viciously killed his own dog in a most horrendous way, with witnesses around who were unable to stop him or get the law to arrest him at the time of the assault.

It is time to get justice for Bowser!  Please read below and then sign the petition.  The petition will be sent to the Judge and DA on the Friday before the trial.


Urge the District Attorney for Pulaski County, KY (Somerset) to prosecute Defendant Mr. Robert Suttles, Somerset, KY, for the maximum charges allowable by law as a result of his egregious acts of animal cruelty and harassment against his dog Bowser.

(Note:  Recent information given to us suggests that this case should fall under Romeo's Law, a law in KY which would make Mr. Suttles' acts a Class D felony!  We urge the Commonwealth Attorney and the DA to seriously consider upgrading the charges to Class D Felony.  If this case doesn't meet the requirements of Romeo's Law, wow, then what would it take?  Please upgrade the charges!)

Urge Judge Woods (or the sitting judge for the trial) to find Mr. Robert Suttles Guilty on all counts of animal cruelty charged against him and to sentence him to the fullest amount of time for such charges.  Urge Judge Woods to require that he complete at least 75% of his sentence in jail, that the remainder of the sentence be community service to a NON-animal related agency (you can't trust him around animals), and bar him from forever owning a domestic animal again (dog, cat, etc.)  Any other animals in the home shall be surrendered to the Pulaski County Humane Society for the purpose of rehoming in a loving home.  Finally, Mr. Suttles should be required to reimburse the Pulaski County Humane Society $xxx.xx for the care given to Bowser before his death.  If any expenses have already been donated by the public, Mr. Suttles should still be fined at least $1,500, with the monies going to the Humane Society for the purpose of helping document and obtain veterinary and humane care, for future cases of cruelty.

In light of recent notorious cases such as the Michael Vick dogfighting case, we in Pulaski County need to send a clear message to our residents and other residents of Kentucky that such acts of cruelty will not be tolerated and will be fully pursued and prosecuted.

We appreciate your time in reading this petition and again we urge you to send a clear message of justice on behalf of the late Bowser.

Thank you.

Signed by:

Concerned Citizens of Somerset, KY, Pulaski County

Concerned Animal Advocates of Kentucky, Tennessee, and other states

The Pulaski County Humane Society

Please do not send letters to the judge.  It is inappropriate and may harm our case.  Thank you.

Please write, call, fax, or email the public officials in Pulaski County and give them your opinion on this case.  As always, we ask that you be polite and stick to the facts.  Hysteria and cursing (or worse!) will only harm our cause.  You don't need to write a long letter.  Just let the DA know that the citizens of Pulaski County will no longer tolerate a "slap on the wrist" to perpetrators of animal cruelty.  See below.


William Thompson

County Attorney

104 North Main Street

Somerset KY  42501

Phone:  606-679-4449

Fax:   606-678-2635

Pulaski County Judge Executive

Barty Bullock
P.O. Box 712
Somerset, KY 42502
606-678-4853 - phone
606-679-8642 - fax

Sheriff Todd Wood

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department
P.O. Box 752

Somerset, KY 42502
Phone:  (606) 678-5145

Fax (606) 679-3119

Dear Pulaski County KY Officials:

Please read our petition and consider whether you want to condone ongoing animal cruelty in your county - or will you take the right path and recognize that domestic pets are sentient animals and deserve our protection?  Please join with other states which are aggressively going after and prosecuting those thugs who harm/kill our pets.

Thank you!

Concerned Citizens and Animal Advocates
YOUR Neighbors and Constituents!
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