Wireless Community to FCC on AT&T buyout of Tmobile

If you are upset with the buyout of Tmobile USA by AT&T don't just complain about it on Facebook and Twitter. Please do something about it by supporting and signing this petition. This consumption of the fourth largest wireless company in America WILL lead to a GSM monopoly and an eventual duopoly in the wireless industry. Without competition, we can expect higher rates and less options for the American Consumer, as well as for phone manufacturers. Please sign and support!
Chairmen Genachowski,

I am writing you today in regards to the recently announced consumption of Tmobile by AT&T. Let me start with a quote by Sprint:

"If approved, the merger would result in a wireless industry dominated overwhelmingly by two vertically-integrated companies that control almost 80% of the US wireless post-paid market, as well as the availability and price of key inputs such as back-haul and access needed by other wireless companies to compete. The DOJ and the FCC must decide if this transaction is in the best interest of consumers and the US economy overall, and determine if innovation and robust competition would be impacted adversely by this dramatic change in the structure of the industry."

Chairmen, this WILL adversely impact the industry, economy, and MOST IMPORTANTLY THE CONSUMER. This will create a GSM monopoly as well as an eventual monopoly/duopoly in the wireless industry. 

AT&T is trying to justify this by stating, "...The top 20 markets in the country, 18 of those markets have five or more competitors, and when you look across the entire country, the majority of the country%u2019s markets have five or more competitors. I think if the criteria that has been used in the past is used against this merger, I think the appropriate authorities will find there will still be plenty of competition left."

Mr. Genachowski, please explain to me how this does not create a monopoly/duopoly in the wireless communication industry? Competition does not survive when you remove your opposition from the playing field. Competition, which makes the USA the country it is, will no longer exist in the wireless industry. 

I implore you to fight this buyout for those you protect, the American Consumer, and stop the eventual destruction of the wireless industry landscape in this country.

Wireless Community

As specified in section one of the Communications Act, The Commission's mission is to: "Make available so far as possible, to all the people of the United States, without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex, rapid, efficient, Nation-wide, and world-wide wire and radio communication services with adequate facilities at reasonable charges."[sic] The Act furthermore provides that the FCC was created "for the purpose of the national defense" and "for the purpose of promoting safety of life and property through the use of wire and radio communications."
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