workmans compensation The Worker Always get's screwed

I am a injured worker, i was hit buy a woman while working for a county highway dept. i have been injured for 6yrs, and was let go from my job 2yrs ago. i was recently drop from  workmans comp. because i have  reached what  they call mmi, which means maximum medical improvement, which also means that medically they can't do anymore  more for me. but if that's not bad enough they also can  stop my bi-weekly wages when you reach MMI. When you get hurt they only  give you 65% of your payanyway. And when a  workers comp. doc see's you and he finds you mmi then there is nothing more you can do.,it is a damn shame that i had 18 yrs, service in and now i don't have my job or any income  coming in just because of one doctor and the lady that hit me.. I can't belive that they have a bunch of people sitting in a office having the power to stop your  family income and don't care about you or your family or your bills you have or anything.I have been to numerous doctors and they have found me  disabled, but do you think your employer or workmans compensation cares what happens to you , hell no i can't get any help from workers comp. or anybody else that cares for the injured worker.  when you get hurt on the job why is the worker punished, i should get my full pay, thats what i was getting paid before  i got hurt and if a doc finds you disabled then you should be compensated for it, but no i lost everything, i never ask to get hurt, i wanted to still work and provide for my family. Now i am on the path into losing my house and car and everthing it took me 18yrs to get, And now i  am losing it in 6yrs or less. we need change in workers compensation.The people at the worker compesation office don't now what it feels like when they get hurt, and have no money coming in, i wish they were in my shoes. I wish the goverment would see how the injured worker is treated when they get hurt, they lose there intire career,and never did anything to deserve it, somebody else fault and who pays for it the injured person and there family. in my case when i lost my case for workmans comp. and they stop paying me, i tryed to get help to put food on my table and i was turned down, but they can give billions of dollars to the people over sea's while the american worker and there family struggle to put food on the table. Now how fair is this !!!!!!!!
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