World Fasting Day - Take a Bite Out of Hunger

Would you give one day of your life so that 3 billion others could survive another day? What about a dime?

On October 8th, 2009, End To Global Poverty Foundation supporters will be doing just that by participating in what we hope will become a globally recognized event called World Fasting Day.

We the undersigned request your immediate action towards instating October 8th as World Fasting Day.

On October 8th of each year, End To Global Poverty Foundation along with all its supporters will be participating in what we hope will one day be globally recognized as World Fasting Day. For the entire day, we will refrain from eating. This will allow us to walk a day in the life of those less fortunate who have no choice but to fast every day of their life. In turn, we will donate the money saved on the day's meals towards giving a meal to the 3 billion people globally who otherwise would have gone without

The money we will raise will surely make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, but we want to think bigger! Imagine if everyone all over the globe participated in this event? If every person in Canada alone donated 10 cents a year, our goal of raising 3.5 million dollars annually for putting an end to poverty would be met. Imagine the incredible impact that money would have on the quality of life that 26,000 children each day don't even survive long enough to experience?

Once a year for one day, we will make the choice to walk a day in the life of someone less fortunate. We will make the choice to sacrifice for one day so that 3 billion others won't have to.

Think about the money you spend each day on food. A coffee on your way to work, that quick fast-food lunch, the chips you sneak in on your afternoon break, the steak you pick up for dinner... that all adds up. That money you spend is going to the large companies who manufacture those goods. The rich get richer and the poor suffer even more.

We have the freedom to eat and maintain our health and we have the freedom to care for our children. World Fasting Day will give these simple freedoms we take for granted every day back to those who have lost them due to extreme poverty.

We don't all have the choice as to whether or not we will live in extreme poverty, but we do have the choice to take action! Rahim and Amyn Mawani, Co-Founders of End To Global Poverty Foundation have made their desicion... Will You?

Together, with your help, we CAN make a difference. We sincerely appreciate the time you've taken to read our proposal and we look forward to your support.

October 8th: World Fasting Day - Take A Bite Out Of Hunger

Thank You,
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