Would you gas your dog or cat? Help stop the massacre.

Each year millions of homeless animals our slaughtered in the United States alone, because they have no home. While most shelters have changed their methods of euthanasia to that of lethal injection there are still many that operate throughout the country using gas chambers as their method of killing. After being stuffed into a metal box the lid closes and carbon monoxide is pumped into the box as it slowly suffocates the animals to death. They gasp for breath, bleed from their cavities, and their cries can be heard from within the box, this was deemed unacceptable during the holocaust as it was inhumane and horrible, how could it be any different for animals just because they have fur and cannot speak our language? The shelter workers also suffer from this method of killing as many suffer from long term health problems due to carbon monoxide exposure. As well as the unimaginable mental side effects of having to do this time and time again. The danger does not stop with the workers, some gas chambers have completely exploded all together, this is dangerous for humans and animals alike, we need to use the safe alternative that is available.  This is not only a dangerous and cruel method but an uneffective one at best, there have been multiple stories of shelter workers opening up the gas chamber door to dispose of bodies only to find a live dog staring up at them. Many of these times the dogs are put through this multiple times until they die. We are known as a nation of animal lovers, they give us nothing but their best, they give us their unconditional love, and  loyalty, they at least deserve to die in peace. I challenge and encourage any one who disagrees with me to watch this video and look into your heart and find the time to sign this petition, if not for the animals, for the workers, and their families. Do it for your pet, your family, and your community. Let us come together we can make this world a safer place for everyone.
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