Lesbian Vampire Killers: NO WAY!!

I'm saying no to the movie: "Lesbian Vampire Killers". A movie shamelessly catering to men's girl-on-girl fantasies.

A movie that should never be released!!

Oh.My.God!! Out next year: Lesbian Vampire Killers. A movie shamelessly catering to men%u2019s girl-on-girl fantasies. Once more a movie exploiting lesbians and women is being made.
James Corden and Mat Horne will star in this, the sort of movie that was thought to have died in the early 1980%u2019s. Here is how the movie was thought up: %u201CWriters Williams and Hupfield were challenged to think of the dumbest and yet most commercial title possible for a film, Lesbian Vampire Killers was the answer. They then went away and wrote the script.%u201D
So this is how films are made nowadays? Think of the dumbest thing you can think of and you get your movie made?
If this wasn%u2019t bad enough, the cheap storyline was released recently:

%u201CTwo no-hopers. One cursed village.

A bus full of foreign female students and an army of salacious lesbian vampires. It's gonna be one hell of a night!

Eternal slacker Jimmy Maclaren and his friend, Fletch, are enjoying a walking holiday on The Moors. Thanks to an unfortunate series of events, they find themselves stuck in a remote cottage with a camper-van full of sexy foreign student girls, besieged by a hungry army of lascivious lesbian vampires.

Can they make it till dawn or will the Sapphic soul suckers bleed them dry?

The two friends have been sent to this desolate outpost as human sacrifices by the local townspeople - a group of terrified men, whose women have all been enslaved by a legendary vampire curse placed on their village by Carmilla the Lesbian Vampire Queen. Soon after the curse was cast, Carmilla was executed by 17th Century vampire hunter Baron Wolfgang Maclaren ... who, by coincidence, was Jimmy's great, great grandfather.

Back in the cottage, the army of the undead prove they have a bloodlust when the moon is full, matched only by their lust for the flesh of other women! As the pretty travellers are picked off one-by-one, joining the ranks of the undead, Jimmy and student Lotte are captured by the lesbian vampires who plan to use their blood to resurrect the spirit of Carmilla, their Vampire Queen! It's up to Jimmy's good-for-nothing best friend Fletch, and his newfound ally - a disgruntled local vicar - to save them all before sunrise.

Armed with the sword of long-dead vampire slayer Wolfgang Maclaren, Fletch and the vicar track down their preternatural prey to Carmilla's mansion lair, and a life or death battle ensues. Jimmy and the last remaining girl, Lotte, are saved, the vampires slain and their curse lifted forever! Now all that is left for our heroes to do is rebuild their lives and embrace their newfound destiny.

As The Lesbian Vampire Killers!%u201D

It is said to be a bloodthirsty romp that features buckets of gore and plenty of bare breasts as they will be encountering a quartet of very sexy female companions. One of these unfortunately Lily Allen, a girl we always thought had sense.
Such a movie should not be made again and if it does it should be boycotted.

Why are we holding such a strong view for a comedy film?
Here are the reasons:

* Through the years lesbians have always been used to titillate men. Being a lesbian has never been seen as a %u201Creal%u201D sexuality. These movies show lesbians as violent creatures that have to use force and evil to gain their partner who is then kept as a love slave and blood donor for their bloodlust. In the last few years we have made some progress, a movie like this could undo all this.

* This film will once more portray society's idea of the homosexual as a kind of virus that wastes its victims and spreads its monstrosity unchecked. The coupling of homosexual and monster has been an enduring, They can easily be read as doubles for societal views of homosexuals as predatory, amoral, perverse, possessed of secret supernatural powers, capable of--and very interested in--destroying "normal life" and toppling such vulnerable institutions as the nuclear family, the church, capitalism, the heterosexual paradigm, or a combination thereof. Coding the queer as monster allows viewers the catharsis of experiencing the terror of a threat to "normal life," while insulating them against that threat by presenting it as a fantasy character or demimondain usually destroyed by film's end.

* These sort of films are not only derogatory to lesbians, but also to women in general. They are answering to a stereotypical male-fantasy. They are shown as scantly clad lust objects that feast on the blood, lapping it up and smearing it around. They%u2019re porn stars, not persons. That this movie uses the same %u201Cvein%u201D is already clear from the newspaper reports surrounding the movie. If you see the cast list, the part of one actress is simply labelled: %u201CBlonde%u201D.

There are more reasons why this movie should not be made but these are (for now) the main ones.

Do you agree, have strong feelings about this, or have more reasons why this movie should not be made? Please write to us, or sign the petition.

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