www.ioffer.com is a criminal site promoting counterfeit sellers

  • by: Lakshman DeSilva
  • target: Hon. Eric Holder US Attorney General, Department of Justice, Washinton D.C USA
www.ioffer.com is an American enterprise Web siyte and provider of exclusively 99% Chinese counterfeit criminals by thousands who advertise with the knowledge of ioffer and sells mainly to US citizens cheap low quality counterfeit goods of world reknown brand named Luguage, apparel, shoes, writing instruments, writlets of every famous brand. The photos used by ioffer are too in violation of Intellectual property rights as they are copied and downloaded from authetic makers to mislead and defraud innocent buyers.
Intellectual property rights and Counterfeiting is in violation of Title 18, Part 1 Section 113 US Code 2320, whereas punishment is between 5 -10 m US$ and 5 to 10 years of jail terms,  among others and ioffer owners are accessory after the fact of such facilitating and sales commission of 15 - 20 percent on sales from the couhntrerfeit sellers that tantamont to billions of dollars of goods sale and US monies transfered to China through PAYPAL who are partners of ioffer in fsacilitating payments.

As your honour had stated, purchasing counterfeit goods result in American jobs lost American business profits stolen and consuumers recieving Counterfeit substandard goods. I had been defrauded by ioffer sellers for over 600 US$ by promising me as authentic with ioffer gurantee.
The ramifications by thus illega action by ioffer.com can even be greater because the illicit profits made from these types of illegal ventures often fuel other kinds of organized crimes.
Through this counterfeit site as descrined here created exclusive fotr countrerfeit brand goods for their personal gain while costing American economy, much needed revenue and jobs. Intellectual property crines executed by ioffer, harm business and consumer alike threatening economic opportunity and financial stability. This fraudualent criminal the CEO of ioffer must be prosecuted and punished for public safety and economic welfare. The site contains 99% Chinese counterfeit makers and Turkish Crime syndicates who defraud customers who are not shipped goods after reciept oif monies.

This matter must be adresed immediately in state of American finacila crisis as billions are remitted to China and import duties levied by US customs are evaded by Chinese shipping the goods as gifts and also illegal US crime syndicates who connive with ioffer and reszell them via eBay auctions and flea markets.

Thank you
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