Zoe is not a Potentially Dangerous Dog

  • target: Classification of a "Potentially Dangerous" Dog

Zoe does not have a voice.  She cannot defend herself because she is a 4 year old Female Weimaraner.  She cannot tell her side of the story and she has no witnesses. She is being confined because it was said the she bit a man that was on our property and she was not provoked.

In the 4 years of her life, this is the first "presumed" incident of it's kind.  We have visitors on a regular basis, both familiar and unfamiliar to Zoe. She has never once attempted or even looked like she would hurt a person.

The sheriff's department has sent a letter stating that she has been deemed a "potentially dangerous" dog.

This will change her life as she knows it forever.  It is not just a simple title.  It means that she will have to be behind a locked fence for the rest of her life. If she leaves our premises we will have to notify the Animal Control of her whereabouts. We will have to post signs stating we have a "Potentially Dangerous" dog on our premises.

Up until her confinement, she was contained my an invisible fence which allowed her to roam free without restraints comfortably as it should be.

She loves boat rides and running the shoreline of the lake.

We have one shot at a hearing to reverse the "Classification".

She is a good dog. A great partner for her mate Winchester and a wonderful mother to her two year old son which misses her very much!

If we thought she was a danger to anyone or anything, we would be the first to take it upon ourselves to contain her for the sake of others.

This is not the situation.

We believe that she was somehow provoked. Possilby even unintentionally.  Regardless, how is she to prove her innocense?  She needs your help.

Please sign this petition for Zoe. Attach a letter if you would like to support her. Maybe you are a Weimaraner owner and know that this breed is a very non-confrontational breed.  Maybe you are a dog bite victim and understand that not all dog bites come from "dangerous" dogs and that sometimes like people, dogs make honest mistakes.
Weimaraners are protective by nature. 

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