Independent Siberia

    Sign a petition here for independence of Siberia! Declaration of Independence of Siberia, adopted by temporary Siberian Government in 1918, but due to Civil War in Russia lands, Siberia was conquered and occupied by aggressor, USSR and later Russia. Freedom to Siberia!
    It is time to cut off all ties from Moscow power elite, they drain our lands, drain our natural resources, deceive our people and killing population, all they want is slavery for our people. Best slave is when slave doesn't know that he/she is a slave. Disinformation is their main weapon. Russian elite stealing all profit & wealth to supply their egoistic and selfish desires and race for power. Big Corporations owning what is by the right belongs to the people, leaders of such corporations getting all the money by the sweat of people who earning much less. Enough, we are not a Moscow colony, Kremlin Government is not a Tzar and Master here. We are Siberian people, born to be free, and we are free and we are to decide our own fate in this new century. Enough is enough. Freedom to Siberia!

If Siberia would be free and independent from Russia it would be very rich country. Our people could live better lives than people in USA. The possibility is there! If Russia does not want, does not wish to through old ways and patters of past to move on into new day of more freedom and creativity, well, Siberia is ready! We cannot allow small group of people in Moscow drag everyone down with them!

Russia is de-gradating and will be no more as it is losing its population dramatically every year. We are no Russians, we are Siberian, and our independent country will be country of Golden Age.

Our lands are vast, and a lot of people can live here. People crying about Earth's overpopulation, but the biggest land in the world, Siberian land is barely populated.

We can be a new country, an example to everyone. Multinational country, a place, where people from all around the world would love to come and live and be welcome. As we Siberian, always friendly.

Siberia have a true potential to be amazing country.

This is a new age, new century, new hope. Independent Siberia, is a true vision for us, and it will come to reality soon.

Where do we start? Hold a vision of a wonderful golden age country here, in Siberia. Hold a vision, and soon this vision will come to reality. For everything starts with imagination, with vision.

Why all this on English and not Russian? Well, Siberia got its own language, and it is not a secret that English is a worldwide language. No need to reject it and try to be on our own, we are not the island. People all over the earth are brothers and sisters, and English is worldwide language right now, it would be 2nd language in Siberia. Because our people will be educated and will feel comfortable where ever they are, in whatever country they are.
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