Stop Horse Slaughter

  • by: Alyssa Moran
  • recipient: A Petition to stop horse slaughter in the United States

Each year hundreds of thousands of horses are slaughtered for human consumption (& other animal consumption, however, they cannot compete with prices and therefore the majority of horses are killed for human food). Though most Americans are opposed to horse slaughter, it is still legal in the United States.

Obama is for animal rights, & you can be too.
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The following is a quote from a slaughterhouse worker:
"You move so fast, you don't have time to wait till a horse bleeds out. You skin him as he bleeds. Sometimes a horse's nose is down in the blood,
blowing bubbles, and he suffocates." -(Gail A. Eisnitz)

Horses don't need to be slaughtered, it's cruel and inhumane. Euthanasia
is a more humane option for those horses that are sick, injured, or dying. However, not only the old, worn out, and injured go to horse slaughter. Young horses find themselves in slaughter house pens quite frequently. Pregnant, atheletic, young, old, worn down, tired, over-used, injured, sick, healthy. They all find themselves in slaughter pens. Racehorses who aren't constant money makers find themselves there as well. However, even horses that bring in loads of money and fame for their owners are subjected to this cruel demise. Consider the famous racehorse, Ferdinand, winner of the 112th Kentucky Derby and 1987 Horse of the Year. To read more about this case click here:

For you horse people, almost no convincing is needed. However, for those of you who aren't horse people, watch the video & attempt to place yourself in that kind of situation.

What types of horses are being slaughtered? Aren't these old, sick horses?
According to 2001 field studies conducted by Temple Grandin, 70% of all horses at the slaughter plant were in good, fat, or obese condition; 72% were considered to be "sound" of limb; 84% were of average age; and 96% had no behavioral issues. Slaughter plants do not want old, sick horses for obvious reasons.

How are horses killed at the slaughter plant?
According to federal law, horses must be rendered unconscious prior to slaughter, usually by captive bolt. However, some are improperly stunned, even with repeated blows, and are still conscious when shackled, hoisted by a rear leg, and cut across the throat. The USDA specifies that 10% live vivisection is acceptable! With their long necks and aversion to anything approaching their foreheads, many horses require multiple strikes.

viewer discretion is advised, especially for the 8 minute video.
though it's strongly recommended you watch.

  We the undersigned, like most Americans, do not support the topic of horse slaughter in the United States. We're petitioning to make horse slaughter illegal. Thank you for taking the time to read our letters and signatures.

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