Stop the Banning of American Pit Bull Terriers

I strongly urge anyone who is a PIt Bull lover to help fight for the Pit Bulls rights not to be judged and to be given the fair chance that so many other breeds. 

People need to remember that any dog can be made mean if not properly trained " Judge the deed not the breed". Many families have been targeted because they have a Pit Bull and are being forced to give up their family pets, and in some situations their registered service dogs. Some people believe that if Pit Bulls are illegal and are banned in some areas that it will stop illegal dog fighting, but the sad truth is that by making it illegal it makes it more of a rush and its happening more and more. Once again when a puppy is born its not born knowing how to pick a fight and bite and be mean, they are taught that its ok to do these things. Alot of people don't think that sometimes an innocent Pit Bull who is a puppy is given to the bigger dogs to learn how to fight, and those "bait dogs" don't ask to be there.

But the great thing about a Pit Bull is that no matter how badly they are treated by humans they are always willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and they will do anything to please their master just as any dog would. The final thing that I want you to take away from this is that its discrimination in every form possible.    

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