Save Dolphins from Becoming Extinct!

  • by: Perla Gonsalez
  • recipient: Mr. Yoshiki Kimura, Mayor Kazutaka Sangen, International Shipping: Vision Project

Let's stop the extinction of dolphins. There are many types of dolphins becoming endangered. According to the Dolphins-World website it states "Baiji or Chinese river dolphin, Hector's Dolphin, Ganges River Dolphin, Maui's dolphin and Indus River dolphin" are the most endangered dolphins. Furthermore, See the Wild website describes that "Entanglement, Habitat Loss, Commercial Harvest, and Climate Change" are some reasons why dolphins are considered to become extinct.

Dolphins like all animals have emotions and thoughts. The entanglement is cause by fishermen's gear. While they hunt for the poor dolphin's like shown in the documentary "The Cove," many times their gear is left inside the ocean and rivers. Eventually dolphins drown from entanglement, and stop breathing.

To add on, river Dolphins lose their habitat due to boat traffic. In addition, International Shipping Vision Project exposes that, "Roughly ninety percent of the world's goods are transported by sea." This means that boats and ships disturb the home of dolphins and other marine animals. The loud motors interfere with the communication animals use undersea to stay connected to their families and their habitat.

Equally important, there are certain species of dolphins that are used as food source. For example, the documentary "The Cove" displays parents and their children being forced to eat dolphin meat as their lunch. The documentary also states that some restaurants in Taiji, Japan would sell dolphin meat as whale meat, to keep making income. Although the fishing at Taiji has lowered, at the end of the documentary it was stated that dolphins were still being hunted. The usage of dolphin meat is not making dolphins an endangered species, but also putting human's health at risk.

Moreover, climate change rises and lowers the temperature of the water. This affects the way prey move to different areas of the ocean. Which leads dolphins to struggle to find their food resources and die out of hunger.

Lastly there are solutions, there should be new laws that limit or even better restrict fishing. Transporting goods can also be done with airplanes, which would be less noisy for all marine animals. Similarly, there should also be laws against selling certain fish foods that are known to affect human's health. New laws and new transportation ideas will limit humans from resources but will save dolphins from becoming extinct. We already have many animals that have gone extinct and that future generations will never see, let's not make dolphins part of that list.

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