Woman rescues dog from snowy prison charged with theft!

Please do NOT charge Nicole Thebeau with theft for rescuing an animal!

The NB government needs to reconsider their position on justice when a rescuer, who is trying to help an abused and neglected dog, becomes the criminal! 

Nicole Thebeau who runs the local animal rescue - Kent County Animal Rescue, is being charged with theft....not a car....or a TV.....or an Ipad....or money...but an animal.

About three weeks ago, after a tremendous storm, a gentleman was plowing a driveway when he noticed a stick out of the ground.

That stick was where a doghouse was located.

He thought....as he couldn't see the doghouse, surely the dog was not trapped underneath in the snow?

But being a good man, he plowed up to the doghouse.

The dog was trapped/buried alive in it.

The storm had been about three days in duration. That means, three days no food, no water, nowhere to defecate and urinate other than that tiny box.

The good man called the SPCA.

The SPCA looked. The dog was then "freed", had some food and access to water.

Couldn't do anything.

The good man did not like this answer.

The good man called Nicole to come and look.

She was, as I would, and you would be, horrified!

She took the dog.

(She named him Sparky, and found him a wonderful home where he lays on a bed snuggling stuffies. Alas, that is not where we have our happy ending. Sparky also needs medical attention. $3000 worth. So Nicole opened  http://www.gofundme.com/87b9s8 account to help him.

Now, three weeks later, after all this....Nicole is being charged with theft.

She needs a lawyer - preferably a goodhearted one who will work for free. In the meantime - I have set up http://www.gofundme.com/8lnwqw

This should help her with any costs incurred.

She needs our support. Financially and emotionally.

This is going to be a tough time for Nic, she's a single mom and this is the last thing she needs in her life.)

Please help Nicole continue to rescue animals and guide the government into realizing that animals deserve to be protected under the law.  Rescuers do NOT deserve to be treated as criminals.

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