Make hedgehogs legal as pets in Georgia!

Hedgehogs are adorable animals and make great pets.Breeders can breed hedgehogs in Georgia, but citizens may not own them as pets. Why not?

The problem seems to be that they do not want any hedgehogs released into to wild and form colonies, but as Nani Jordan says "...Dogs are legal to own, and if they escape they're sure to cause more mischeif in the wild than a hedgehog. Cats as well." Plus to help stop this problem the government of Georgia can make a law to make it illegal to release your hedgehogs ( to help decrease the amount of released hedgehogs -as some people might release them anyway) and to have them spayed/neutered (as a law before selling them) to make sure they don't have colonies in the wild. (If you are afraid of the risk or neutering then it would be less risky to just spay the females and have the male owners to decide if they want to neuter their pet -neutering is more risky but with an experienced hedgehog vet then the risk is not huge)

I'm sure many people in Georgia would love to have a pet hedgehog, so why can't we own one? 

Dear Government of Georgia,

 Ever since I first layed eyes on a hedgehog I've always wanted to own one as a pet. Unfortunatley, I live in Georgia and I can't own one without breaking the law. One doesn't just move either (and many not just for a hedgehog). So I beg you to please look at my petition and see how you can change the law to make hedgehogs legal to be owned as pets by the citizens of Georgia.
 I have heard that you do not the escaped/released hedgehogs to form colonies in the wild, I have wrote some suggestions to help solve the problem. I hope you look at my petition and consider making hedgehogs legal to own by citizens in Georgia.

                                                                    -Jennifer T.


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