Displeased with KONAMI and KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS by actions taken related to the METAL GEAR SOLID main theme (and motif) back in 2006 to this day.

As we all know in some interview Hideo Kojima had a interview with some guys from a Russian Magazine about a piece of music that sounded very similar to the MGS theme, but happens that the melodie was composed in 1977 by a very famous composer called Georgy Vasilyevich Sviridov.
Then after that a censorship campaign came banning the theme and the old trailer that included it, many tracks from MGS portable ops were removed and re-arranged and totally omitted in MGS4: Guns Of The Patriots and Nintendo's smash hit game Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
Because Konami had legal issues with Russian Composers

Curiously this controversy started 9 years after the main theme was exposed to the world (E3 1996) and the game was released in 1998, but before that it was publicized on every magazine tv game show and internet and even on a demo disc and no one said anything, even Sviridov was alive during all this time and someone close to him must have hear the game's main theme because it was to heavily used in it's publicity.

And not to talk about the sequels (MGS2,MGS3 and MPO) the motif was used in trailers and ingame's cinematics until was banned from MPO and MGS4 in 2006 due a controversy


Because this game's main theme and motif is one of the most beloved themes in gaming story in pair with the Zelda, Mario and many other it's irrefutable that all this melodies are part of our lives and we can't accept the idea that they can vanish from one day to another.

So this is a call for respect and common sense and I hope we can get into a satisfactory conclusion.

May God Help Us.
Dear Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. and KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS Thank you for taking your time for reading this petition.

As we all know one of your flagship franchises got a controversy involving it's main title and motif.

ALL this people who signed this petition are aware of the origins of the track which goes to the Russian composer Georgy Vasilyevich Sviridov's
and I'll not be hypocrite I'll not say stuff like "They sound very different" but that's undeniable and many stuff I read on the web, I admit that besides the snow storm I have listened another 2 track from Sviridov, and until the controversy I didn't know anything about him, what I know is when someone is doing art is because he wants to be remembered, directly or indirectly trough it's work, and he sadly is unmentioned because no one knew about this until to late. TAPPY never told Kojima about his "INSPIRATION" for the theme back in 1996 to 1998, unfortunaly he passed away in juanury 1998 and oviously he never said a word about this.

then MGS2 and MGS3 and the main theme became very popular thanks to the orchestration by Harry Gregson-Williams for Sons Of Liberty and Snake Eater Main Themes, and again used Heavily and prominently on publicity
Not to forget Norihiko Hibino made several versions of the theme for MGS The Twin Snakes for the Nintendo Game Cube in 2003 and background for the other titles mentioned before.
and no one from Russia said a word...
Then after much speculation on E3 2005 MGS4 teaser was released with some of the most impressive real time graphics ever seen by mankind

then it was 2006 and another Metal Gear game was announced for the PlayStation portable and the motif was used in the first two trailers, but after that some periodist of a Russian magazine had an interview with Hideo Kojima and everything was surrounded by mystery and controversy like the game's plot
But like the game's plot a campaign of digital censorship erased all the old trailers and banned the themes and motifs for future MGS releases like METAL GEAR SOLID PORTABLE OPS, MPO and METAL GEAR SOLID 4: Guns Of The Patriots and probably in you METAL GEAR NEXT Project.

This is not a new thing musicians uses other music for creating their own all the time, even John Williams said this. it can be consciously or subconsciously because during all their formation and all the experiences they got in their lives where impregnated in their minds, I can be sure that Sviridov's theme was Plagiarized or not, but the similarities are undeniable for example when the theme was out no one thing about "how Russian sounded this" or "This sounds like something I head before like Russian Rambo", must people associate this track with some guy hidden inside a cardboard box running away from masked soldiers and giant walking nuclear tanks, and do you know why? Because the theme gained it's own identity and personality, is not just a rip-off and Harry Gregson-Williams and Norihiko Hibino added a lot of personality and used the theme in ways we got excited every time we hear it like when BIG BOSS earns it's medal at the oval office and when he saluted his mentor in her grave site in MGS3, or when snake tells Raiden what to do with his life after the events of MGS2 or the march at the end of the main themes, all this musical moments have a place in our hearts and souls. and behind all of this Sviridov is a sleeper architect someone who affected our lives and we didn't know, and now that I and all of Us who know this want to relive again this feeling of honor and comradeship with to many missed times on Guns Of the Patriots where our minds played with us adding the motif when BIG BOSS reconciled with his cloned son, not even Harry's new version can't match with the emotional tone from which  original theme was charged with, not after more than 10 years of gaming history can resemble the essence and deepness from the original motif.

so in the eve that this project will be unveiled at this year's E3 I feel that is my duty as a fan of the series to return one of the most essential and loved thing: It's main theme.

So I and all the signers here are begging you to think it again and re-open negotiations with the Russian composers and copyright holders to made a fair agreement that benefices all parties involved THIS is how I and the rest of the signers thinks here's what i think it may help

1: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. and KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS must admit publicly that the theme's inspiration was in fact from Sviridov's work and that they're sorry for not including giving him credit all these years

2:KONAMI and KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS can accord a fair fee for the Sviridov's family or whoever holds the rights of the Melodie

3: The Russian Composers must recognize that the MGS theme exposed Mr. Sviridov's art to the mainstream western  world, and without all of this the Snow Storm could be still relegated to Music Schools libraries and almost no one will even remember this outside Russia. It's sad but it's true must look at the youtube videos featruring the teme and most of the 75% of the peole get there because of metal gear, which is a good thing.

4. Sviridov's theme can be featured on the in-game's i pod as Downloadable content as part of the agree stated before (if the composer's family or copyright holders agree with this and I think this could be a good Idea to distribute the Melodie like this) or some background cameo for other Sviridov's works specially in the Metal Gear prequels, like when Snake visit a scientist can be used one of the popular Sviridov's themes in the disc player or background or in MGS4 during the Europe mission when you get close to some building and happens that some one is listening at  "Wooden Russia" I hope you get the idea.

Thank you for taking your time and i hope you made the right choice and remember whatever happens the fans will be there, and if you can recover the theme we'll salute you, if you can't at least release the banned motifs for portable ops as dlc

Anyways it was a long reading and you must be tired, but whoever read this I really thank you and appreciate that you take your time and patience

sincerely yours:
ALL of your fans!

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