Reform the initial process for Child Abuse Reporting

The purpose of  this petition is to reform the process in which CAST handles reports of Child abuse specifically sexual abuse of a child by a parent.  I am doing this for my daughter. She told me that her father and grandfather  kiss her pee pee.  That  both of these grown men play a game with her they call the Hush hush game. CAST determined the abuse to be unfounded. CAST felt she was coached because her story was so consistent and because she could disclose what these men had done to her but not what house or room it occurred in. She disclosed this information a month after she turned four.  Looking back the signs were there all along and the odds that it occurred at more than one location is very likely and would most likely explain her inability or unwillengness to disclose a specific location. I created this petition because I beleive her and know that I did not coach her. Up until her disclosure her father and I had a terrific  co-parenting relationship.  I  propose that if a parent reports abuse  by  the other parent  that both parties be polygraphed as part of the initial  process instead of waiting until they decide to persue criminal charges.  I feel that this would have stopped CAST from making a decision that has ultimately made it possible for my daughter to have increased unsupervised visits with the man who has betrayed her and worst part is that she continue to come home from visits and disclose that the abuse continues  and I have no way of protecting her legally. 

We the undersigned beleive that some reform to your department is well beyond overdue.  My daughter who turned four at the end of september disclosed to me that her dad and grandad had been kissing her pee pee.  After her initial statement was taken at  the huntington beach police department She continued to disclose things with a much more advanced vocabulary. Your team told me they thought she had  gotten this language from exposure to a porno  or even from her big brother. He is in kindergarten. Her father and I have ultimately ended up in court and your offices report was read allowed. In it the case worker  wrote that  my daughters story was so consistent that it seemed as though she had been coached. This is simply untrue  and i beleive that if this was the feeling of your office that i should have been confronted on the issue and that a polygraph test should have been administered to me.  as a result of your teams lack of faith in  my daughters disclosure and ultimate determination of unfounded with regards to the sexual abuse  not only have the courts  increased her visits with him  but they have made an order of 50/50 custody which has resulted in my daughters inability to continue therapy.  Also to add salt to the wound she continues to disclose upon returning home from her visits with him that he has continued to kiss her pee-pee or that she is scared to tell because he will be angry with her.  She has even told me that he says he wants to stop but doesnt know how.  I have witness to several of her disclosures and yet  thanks to your team and the judicial system i have no way to protect her from him legally. you should know that he hired an attorney and a No Notice Exparte  claiming that i was prostuting  and sucking dick for cash. If these allegations were true  why would he  have not addressed them  with your staff  when  they talked with him?  I know I am not the only parent whose child has failed to be protected by your team and i dont doubt that your office  does help to protect many children  but no child should be allowed to fall through the cracks. I even  asked that  my daughter be place in a neutral environment if  your team  really thinks i have coached her I feel it would have been  in  her best uinterest to be allowed  supervised  visitaion with both of us than unsupervised  visits  or even allowing him custody of any kind. Its not that i want her in the sysytem because i dont  but I want her safe  and now I cant  protect her at all and its not my fault it is ulitamatly  a result of your staff.   There is much i would like to discuss with you but I feel this  letter is  long enough.  Please I know it is not  yor offices  intention  to allow a child to be harmed  but your offices  has not succeded  in  at least this  matter.   i beg  you to  protect my daughter.  I pray for you and all of CAST and CPS, the judge, my daughter, myself and son and even her father. Please dont fail her again. Please dont make her  have to endure  such abuse any longer.  You can contact me at 714-499-5566. I would be happy to meet with you and discuss  my concerns in person. Infact I would prefer it. Thank you for your time  and prompt attention to this matter.

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