FIFA Sponsors, help us end FIFA's financial and moral corruption NOW!

Dear FIFA sponsor,

You care about football. At least, that is what you want us to believe. During FIFA events you ask us, the football fans, to buy your products. You ask us for our money. Money you partially use to pay FIFA. FIFA uses that money to pay its hot shots, their bonusses, their five star trips. Through you, dear FIFA sponsor, WE pay for FIFA's financial and moral corruption. That's just not right.

You want us to think that you love the game as much as we do, but we associate your sponsorship of FIFA with everything that is wrong in global football. In order to regain our trust and sympathy, show us - prove to us, that you really love the beautiful game. Show not only us, but show our friends, our families, our social media networks. "Trusting FIFA will investigate", like you stated at the beginning of the 2014 World Cup, is not good enough. We urge you to take intiative. This is how::

  • Publicly advise FIFA's chairman, Sepp Blatter, not to run for another term as FIFA president. Publicly state that, should he be re-elected, this will harm your cooperation and contracts with FIFA.
  • Demand, on our behalf and publicly, transparancy. Total transparancy. Open voting, open spending. No old boys' network, no bribes, no "development money" disappearing into back pockets of those in charge.
  • Demand an independent investigation of corruption allegations.
  • Demand that FIFA embraces the advise of its own governance committee: integrity checks, limited terms and age caps for members of the Executive Committee.
  • Demand that FIFA will in the future be a well behaved guest in hosting nations, paying taxes, treating local business fair, and taking part in and initiating social projects.
  • Demand that FIFA ensures green and socially friendly tournaments. No building projects that harm the environment. No World Cups in countries that invest billions in stadiums with money that should go to schooling, housing and health care. No modern slavery and inhumane working conditions to build stadiums. No deaths in places where we are supposed to be celebrating years later. No World Cups in countries that do not respect human rights.
  • With that in mind, demand an open revote on the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid.

You need us, and we need your help. If you care about football and its fans: help us change FIFA. We will praise you for it.

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