Get "A Scary Time" Singer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Right Away!

  • by: Kelsey B.
  • recipient: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
45 said another very stupid and dangerous thing (*eye roll*). This time it was about how many women are coming forward with their #MeToo stories of assault after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's amazing and brave testimony during the Kavanaugh hearings. His response? He said, "It's a scary time to be a man" in America, insinuating that men are falsely accused of rape and assault. Well, one fabulous singer wrote a song about what a "scary time" it is to be a man and it is BRILLIANT. 

It's so brilliant that I think she should be invited to sing it on The Ellen DeGenerous Show! Sign my petition if you agree.

Ellen already tweeted in support of the song, so I think we really can get her on the show!

The song was written and beautifully performed by Lynzy Lab Stewart. It's a parody, obviously, and basically she just lists all the ways in which women live in constant fear and change their behavior everyday to avoid rapists (mostly men). She says she can't live on the first floor of an apartment or walk alone at night, she can't go out drinking alone or wear a skirt that is short, and on and on.

Truly the song hit home for me and I think Lynzy, and the point she is making, should get even more attention. And The Ellen Degeneres Show is the perfect platform. Please sign my petition to make it happen!

I SO relate to this song. I am the survivor of sexual assault both by a stranger and someone I knew and guess what? My behavior before the assaults and after was drastically affected by the choices of these two men and none of them suffered any consequences. My whole life has been changed both by just being a woman in the world and by being a survivor, and Trump thinks it's a scary time to be a man? No thanks. 

As this Twitter user says: "Misogyny is when women finally start reporting sexual assaults and the country's response is to say we must protect our boys from the accusations." Amen, sister. 

In the U.S., it is estimated that just 0.5 percent of rape allegations are false. Contrast that with the fact that 1 out of every 6 women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape.

It's clearly time to put to rest this false fear that it's a scary time for men out there, and Lynzy Lab Stewart is the perfect woman to do that. Please, Ellen, invite her to sing her song on your show!
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