Demand an End to Sun Bears Loss of Habitat and Deforestation from the Use of Palm Oil!

The Sun Bear population has been decreasing over time, especially over industries who use palm oil for their products such as PepsiCo and Nestle. You might not know that palm oil is used for 90% of our products, just by checking our kitchen and other products that you might have not expected such as in our lotions or cleaning supplies. This is a global problem that is threatening the Sun Bear's survival through inhumane treatment by poaching, habitat loss, the excessive use of palm oil, pet trade, and other threats which needs to stop by implementing laws to ban deforestation for the demand of palm oil and discontinue poaching to create more sanctuaries for the Sun Bears. Please help protect our wild animal and our rainforests with giving donations, or volunteering, or buying merchandise from the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center.

Habitat loss has reduced the Sun Bear population for about, "75% by rapid loss of forests in SE Asia due to unsustainable logging practices and agricultural development... In Malaysia, Borneo, deforestation for the development of palm oil plantations continues to be one of the biggest causes for habitat loss. Palm oil is in 50% of all packaged goods today." (Survival of The Sun Bear) If we don't take measures in preventing the habitat of Sumatra who Pepsico have devasted destructed; tropical rainforest soon will be completely gone, vanish the existence of Sun Bears, and any other wild animal that lives there. The search for land for their plantations also affects climate change, it greatly affects the animals that live there, and the neighboring people who live there as well. In order to prevent Sun Bears from completely disappearing out of the map you can start by not consuming PepsiCo products that contain palm oil and any other product that is derived from the same company. You can eat wholefoods, google products if it uses palm oil or other oils that derive from palm oil, buy products that contain labeled oils such as sunflower oil, corn oil, olive oil, coconut oil or canola oil, and check for its saturated fat percentage (if it's more than 40% most likely contains palm oil).

I will suggest to donate if you can to Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center to prevent industries from causing more deforestation and creating habitat loss for these wild animals. We must take a larger step in the name of protecting our planet and the animals who thrive here. Please sign and share this petition urging PepsiCo to ban the use of palm oil in their products and to find other unharmful formulas to use instead of being a threat to these wildlife animals extinction. If not for the high demand for palm oil, PepsiCo wouldn't have an increase for productivity of palm oil creating a worldwide problem since it starts with us from continuing to eat their products.

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