Stop Gassing Prairie Dogs in Broomfield Colorado! Relocate the Midway Prairie Dog Colony:

As colony after colony of prairie dogs along Colorado's Front Range are annihilated as a result of development and land use policies, it is increasingly important for advocates to defend and protect the last remaining populations before we lose this species to the longest night of extinction. A policy of extermination has been carried out against prairie dogs since the late 19th century and currently less than 1% of their historic numbers remain. County and government officials throughout Colorado continue to turn a blind eye to the fate of this species allowing for the rapid annihilation of thousands of prairie dogs through poisoning the small fragmented colonies that remain.

In Broomfield, Colorado, a beautiful colony of prairie dogs is in desperate need of our help if they are to continue their existence and avoid the terrible fate of being gassed to death in their burrows. Their home is rapidly approaching destruction since a retirement home is slated to be built on top of their habitat. It is bad enough that this colony has been boxed into this small lot, but now they are getting closer and closer everyday to losing their lives that they have fought so hard, against all odds, to keep. Without the concern of advocates insisting on their existence, the Midway prairie dogs will become yet another victim of development and greed that is ultimately driving their species to extinction.

Broomfield has a prairie dog conservation and management plan in place that sets 65 acres aside for relocations on their Great Western Reservoir Open Space. Currently, most of the population that existed there have been drastically reduced due to a large plague epizooic in 2009 and other factors that include predation, small populations, lack of relocations and continuing plague outbreaks. It is increasingly important to use techniques such as delta dust to kill the fleas and to immunize the prairie dogs against the plague to maintain and rebuild the biodiversity that has been lost from repeated annihilations and plague infestations. Broomfield's Open Space has expressed that they would like to relocate this colony, but they also have many excuses as to why they may not be able to make a relocation happen. We can no longer accept these excuses and we must insist that these prairie dogs are given a chance at survival.

The fate of this colony lies with Broomfield's Open Space staff and their City Council members who will make the ulitimate choice to either relocate or exterminate this colony. Please sign our petition and help us insist that Broomfield puts every effort into ensuring the survival of the Midway colony by relocating them onto the Great Western Reservoir or other appropriate Open Space public land. It is time for all of us to come together and refuse to turn our backs on the last of our native wildlife.

For the Midway Prairie Dogs!

Dear Broomfield Open Space and Trail's staff and City Council members,

Please relocate the Midway prairie dog colony onto Open Space public lands in Broomfield. With the rampant development throughout Broomfield and Colorado's Front Range, it is increasingly important that we save what is left of our prairie wildlife and habitat. Relocating the Midway colony will be a positive step in that direction. The future of our land and wildlife depends on you! 

Thank you.

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