Demand to end financial abuse

I was in a marriage for over 15 years with three daughters . My oldest daughter told me to leave she could not stand watching me be manipulated
I left in 2016 and since then it’s been living n hell!! Money personal items friends car insurance retirement all gone stocks stolen debt of over 50,000 because he stopped paying . Dealing with burglary stolen things threw away everything I had worst was his manipulation in threats and using kids to stir up a battle of custody and to try and make me look incabaple taunting my mental state years of turning my life to believe what he says is right about myself I’m nobody I’m a liar I’m a thief all these thing in defaming me took my own mother made her against me and turning neighbors and friends away scared and alone I fought to seek help from gov dept and senators only led to being blindsided in court money talks and he won the house and every wrongdoing he got away with no penalty there is a hard battle fighting a narcissist. They are evil and won’t stop torturing you with nothing . I live tactics of money moved accounts closed and his lies of not having any money the courts didn’t see anything how fried a man acquire 10 lawyers and not have money ? A law of preventing this type of person in divorce needs to be stopped many people suffer my data is at a divorce seminar 7 people present . 4 including me are asking about money being hidden and are wigged out from their spouse tormenting them . It’s over 50% so can you imaging the us it’s a epidemic and there’s no help from police or anyone . All you hear is “I can’t give legal advice” with financial about there is malicious parenting syndrome this is a narcissist doing all trumped of stuff to ruin your life . My case he did and I’m struggling to not be homeless. No child support no spousal support all in a decree he wrote that I had no part of being able to say anything . To en this a medical directive and a trust that gives me no power if it was recorded I could have had a small chance . In decree states he iowes me money . He used checks that he gave me before and made the lawyer believe he paid me . The bank issued him copies of some checks he wrote to me . He could have easily altered the copies and give it to the lawyer he wouldn’t check . I tried to fight and it always ended to a dead end . With this law the elites cannot do anything with accounts and this law would have a clause of hidden assets prior to years in divorce just in case it was Planned. The finding of a i roper you moved or changed at least anytime before divorce meaning from the beginning of marriage this law has to have this clause so any movement can be directed and properly separated equally not ever keaving a spouse without . I can’t help with court and their evil ways but the law can protect and if the spouse did something to hide assets they will be arrested . A jaw has to stop this from yesterday . The divorce is a family matter toyr roots are in toyr family than they destroy what grounding you have it is seriously a crime and it us murder . There are cases that women due to fight this and they try so hard . Tgey die . If I ever create this law I would name it under the woman who passed away a few years ago she lived at the bus stop in front of the courthouse with her suitcase if papers to fight a husband and a lawyer . She died of this was a law she would be alive today and he would be in prison he is alive and no one cared to help her this should be a law that make family court not a bad place to be and getting divorced would be fair sorry about my writing and spelling but it’s upsetting to me
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