To the left of this page is a picture of an injured horse taken by a horse rescuer as the horse stands in a killbuyers feedlot waiting to be hauled off to slaughter.  We post-huminusly named this horse "Regret," because we regret what DID NOT happen to him that day. The RESCUER who took the picture "works" on a regular basis with the killbuyer who is "nice enough"  to give them an opportunity to buy horses, sparing them a possible trip to the slaughterhouse and possibly saving their lives. (*It is important to remember here, that NOT ALL killbuyer horses go to slaughter. Some are "disposed of" through private sales.) The rescuer described "Regret" as "suffering with a broken leg" and "shaking in pain." However, there was NO RESCUE for poor "Regret" that or any other day thereafter. Moreover, this case of SEVERE cruelty & neglect went UN-REPORTED by the RESCUER or anybody else with knowledge of his suffering. ONLY the killbuyer owner and the rescuer knew know how long he stood on that feedlot "SHAKING IN PAIN" until he was finally loaded onto a OVER-CROWDED cattle-truck and TRANSPORTED hundreds of miles away to a Mexican slaughterhouse. We are making this petition IN MEMORY of "REGRET," in the hopes that we can CONVINCE & EDUCATE some people "in the business of rescue," that it is MORALLY WRONG to OVERLOOK abuse & neglect of this kind FOR ANY REASON! We are HOPING that by EDUCATING the rescuers as well as the  PUBLIC about the "BLIND-EYE" policies of feedlot- rescuers, enough OUTRAGE will be generated that would expose and FINALLY END the UN-HOLY ALLIANCE between the killbuyers and the "blind-eye rescuers" who "love them." WE KNOW about all the "good work" you have done saving hundreds and thousands of horses each year; but we ask you, AT WHAT COST are you saving those lives? All the GOOD you do for the INDIVIDUAL & CAREFULLY SELECTED horses DOES NOT outweigh the BAD or negate the dis-service you do to ALL horses in overlooking the ABUSE & NEGLECT. In case you HAVEN'T noticed, there is a WAR going on between THEM & US to end the slaughter, neglect & abuse of ALL horses.  Remember that in times of war,....CONSORTING with THE ENEMY for any reason is TREASON. Your "love-affair" relationship with the killbuyers DOES NOTHING at ALL to help ALL horses ON A LARGER SCALE and IN FACT, you are ENABLING them to CONTINUE ON in in their business INDIFFERENT to the SUFFERING by your FAILURE to REPORT. Only YOU have first-hand knowledge & thus the POWER to CHANGE these conditions. If you REALLY WANT to DO something for ALL equines AS A SPECIES, STOP consorting with the ENEMY / KILLBUYERS and HELP us to SHUT THEM DOWN for their GROSS ABUSES & NEGLECT & for the ILLEGAL & INHUMANE transport violations. At the very least, prosecuting EVEN JUST A FEW of these cases will SEND A POWERFUL MESSAGE to ALL killbuyers EVERYWHERE that VIOLATIONS of our HARD-FOUGHT and won HUMANE laws WILL NOT be tolerated and they in FACT will LEARN and KNOW that IF they are to CONTINUE on in their DESPICABLE business they will have NO CHOICE but to conduct it WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF LAW -- and NOT suffer any sick, lame, seriously injured or mortally wounded animals to suffer needlessly. We know your HEARTS are in the right place but we think your HEADS are on wrong.....Remember the FIRST rule of rescue: You cant save them all. Stopping KILLBUYER ABUSE and NEGLECT on a GRAND SCALE FOR ALL HORSES may be the CLOSEST we will EVER come to "saving them all" Why not give it a try? What have you got to lose? There will ALWAYS be other horses in danger of slaughter to save. Why not try to teach these UNSCRUPULOUS heartless, cold and callous killbuyers that IT IS WRONG to suffer an animal the way they do, and that YOU simply wont tolerate it? REPORT killbuyer NEGLECT & ABUSE that you witness. Eventually they will WAKE UP up to the FACT that they cant get away with it ANYMORE, that they WILL HAVE to start taking BETTER CARE and show MORE COMPASSION for the suffering of the animals IN THEIR CARE. There are OTHER ways to save horses in danger of going to slaughter, OUTBIDDING the killbuyers at the MEAT-MARKET auctions. Fellow rescuers', equine lovers and protectors, ....WE DO NOT MEAN to take away from the GOOD that you do for SOME horses but WE DO question your DEVOTION to the cause of ENDING the ABUSE, NEGLECT & SUFFERING of the FEEDLOT horses you see everyday. WHAT, we must ask you, are YOU doing to make the WORLD a better place for ALL EQUINES as a species? We ask ONLY that you think LONG & HARD on your "preferred method" of helping horses and take a look at "the UN-INTENDED CONSEQUENCES" of your "BLIND-EYE LOVE-AFFAIRS" with the abusers. EMPOWER YOURSELVES and Do something GRAND & RIGHT for ALL the HORSES, not just "a selected few." ONLY YOU have the power. REPORT killbuyer VIOLATIONS & ABUSES so WE can SHUT THEM DOWN or AT THE VERY LEAST FORCE THEM  to operate MORE HUMANELY & according to APPLICABLE LAWS. The BLOOD of the SICK, SUFFERING, INJURED and STARVED ones is ALREADY on your hands but its NOT too late to WASH UP and COME CLEAN again. We ASK you, as fellow EQUINE LOVERS & PROTECTORS, ...."If not us, who then will stop it?" We ask you to think HARD about your CHOICES, ULTIMATE GOALS & PRIORITIES. We ask you look at THE LARGER PICTURE. For sure, the killbuyers horses will be lost to you if you do break the ties, but their lives WILL NOT have been lost in vain. Report & ENFORCE killbuyer abuse and EVERY horse standing on EVERY feedlot all across America will be better off for it, for there will be no more killbuyer abuse & neglect. We hope you will THINK ABOUT THIS and do THE RIGHT THING. Surley you MUST KNOW in your HEART that it IS NOT right to turn a BLIND EYE to animal SUFFERING FOR ANY REASON. We ask you to REPORT FEEDLOT ABUSE & NEGLECT when YOU see it, not just for the good of ALL HORSES in general but for the SAKE of all feedlot / killbuyer  horses made to endure PROLONGED PAIN, SUFFERING & NEGLECT. Do it for the sake of horses like "Regret" who are standing (on three legs) in the FEEDLOTS all over the world. Thank you.

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