Give my son Isaac back to me Please!!!

Last year child protective services was called on me by my ex-mother-in-law. they came in to my home and saw that it was a little messy. (This was right after a C-Section that I had.) At the time I was on bed rest. The house wasnt that bad. They decided to take both of my sons from me. I was finally off of bedrest a week later and got everything cleaned up. That was the last time my house was ever that messy. The judge after seeing the house a second time granted my oldest son back to me and closed his case, but still wasn't completly sure about my youngest. (He was born 15 weeks early.) So, the judge dicided to have me take a mental exam to see if I was able to handle all of the issues that was going on with my youngest son. I took the exam and was told that I was perfectly fine. The judge was somehow able to throw that out and claim that I never took it and that I was unfit to take care of my youngest. He closed the case by keeping my youngest on the bases that i suposedly didn't have a vehicle when I had just gotten one and had the proof in my hands.

This year my ex-mother-in-law decided to try again at getting my older son from me. She claimed that I was a drug dealer and that it wasnt safe for my older son to be near me. But at the court hearings, she claimed that everything that had happened in the first case with my youngest was still going on and that Isaac (my oldest) was wrongfully given back to me. The rest of this case was based on if the last judge was right in his choice to take my youngest away. Throughout these hearings, Iwas tested for everything the cops had come in to my home a multiple amount of times. I had been tested for drugs a bunch of times and Child protective services was in my house about every other week. My house was never messy. It was always clean. Everything that my ex-mother-in-law threw at me was declared false. At the end of the case the judge claimed that I was an unfit mother and that my house was never clean, that it was the worst place possible for a child to stay in. Also, that I was mentally unfit to be a mother. How he came to this conclusion I will never know. It still puzzles me to this day.

The cases about Isaac (my oldest) was started up again. This time my ex-mother-in-law is trying to get it to where she has the right to say whether or not I can see my son and to apoint herself as Isaac's gaurdian. Basically making it so I am completely removed from his life and that I will have no rights to him. At the last case I was granted visitation with him. It has been 4 almost 5 months since then and she has yet to let me see him. The last 2 cases have completely confused me. But, this time I am going to try and keep my head up and I am asking for help because my son means everything to me, and I want him back more than anything on this earth. Since the last hearing ended I have moved and put myself in a completely different place. My home is clean here too.


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