Zimbabwe – Do Not Export Elephants But Protect Them in Their Natural Habitat

  • by: Sue Lee
  • target: President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe has considered exporting young elephants to various other countries and unnatural facilities like zoos as part of a recent project.  Such “moves” with these elephants has led to recent allegations of abuse and health issues. Directors Phyllis Lee and Joyce Poole of groups known as the Amboseli Elephant Research Project and the Elephant Voices have major concerns regarding the export of elephants in Zimbabwe to zoos worldwide, saying that zoos “serve no credible conservation purpose” as none of the now-captive elephants or their offspring will be returned to the wild – a measure they defined as “the gold standard of conservation.” 

These organizations, as we do,  believe that if Zimbabwe wanted to do what is in the best interest and health of elephants, the last thing to do is export them to other countries and zoos. Read   http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/zimbabwe-wants-to-sell-elephants-to-zoos-in-china/.

Our efforts in this petition is to strongly encourage the government of Zimbabwe to ban any future plans for exporting their elephants where they will end up in any type of zoo, facility or for any type of entertainment purposes.  Instead of removing them from their natural habitat, provide better protection for these matriarchs which is in their best interest and well-being.  You can help us in our efforts by signing and petition.  Let’s ban together and be a voice for these majestic beings, banning them from being removed from their homes they know and love.

President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe – We have strong concerns regarding the health and well-being of elephants in your country.  These highly intelligent, sensitive and emotional creatures are meant to live in their own natural habitat with their families and herds.  If you export these animals to other countries where they are placed in zoos, circuses and other captive facilities leads them to abuse, health issues, obesity, self-mutilation, head-wobbling and swaying and other emotional issues doe to captivity.  Please place a ban on removing these animals from their natural habitat and exporting them.  Instead, implement better protection of the animals so they can live as they are meant to be and stop handing them over to other places that harms them!  Protect your elephants in Zimbabwe, keep them healthy and protected where they are meant to be with their own families and herds.  Do not export any elephants abroad!!

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