Let pugs breathe: stop cruel breeding practices!

Is this the life any dog lover would want for their companion? 

Imagine your beloved dog is struggling to breathe. He's in pain. Without enough oxygen, he can't function at 100%. Running, playing, being out in the sun, and even eating and walking can all be a struggle, and have to be carefully managed or limited. Wheezing and uncomfortable sneezing fits are common.

This is the result of breeding for extreme characteristics rather than quality of life. Flat noses are not good for dogs.

Kennel Club pug breeding standards promote flat noses that lead to a lifetime of health complications and discomfort. This 'gold standard' in turn upholds the general popular trend of breeding and buying flat-nosed pugs.

Please sign this petition to demand that the Kennel Club update the pug breed standard to promote a longer, rather than an excessively short, muzzle.

The British Veterinary Association has spoken out about the issue of flat-faced breeding, encouraged prospective dog owners to choose a healthier breed or a crossbreed. Pugs are being dumped at rescue centres in increasing numbers due to the expensive health problems that lead to ever-growing numbers of surgical interventions year on year. The message is clear: dog lovers must stop supporting the intentional breeding of dogs with flattened muzzles. We must end the suffering.

A pug breed standard with a healthier snout length will improve quality of life for future pugs and help to raise public awareness of what's best for our beloved dogs. Please sign this petition to demand that the Kennel Club introduces a new breed standard for pugs that includes longer muzzles. It's time this nation of dog lovers took a stand for our loyal companions. Together we can commit to stamping out breed standards that compromise their health.

The Kennel Club:

I am writing today to urge you to ask that you update your breed standard for pugs to promote a longer snout.

Flat faces cause a range of health problems and promoting them as an ideal breed standard is not compatible with caring for the wellbeing of dogs.

The British Vetinary Association has recognised this, and it's time that you took action as a huge influencer.

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