Stop the deer cull at Vassar College

A deer cull will take place on the Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve (VFEP) over winter break.   It is stated that the overpopulation of deer on the VFEP currently affects the preserve’s biodiversity, which in turn causes a problem for the environmental research done on the land.

The decision to cull deer on the Farm has been made previously, 3 years ago. the College began a deer management program on the land, which included culling the deer population at that time. The college indicated then, that continued culling would likely be needed as the deer population size rebounded.

As the population has again reached a greater level at the Farm, another cull will occur. Why now, and why other methods were not considered is the question.  They say that the Farm is primarily a research area, and biological diversity is imperative. One student brought up other methods for maintaining the deer population, such as birth control or a fence, but was told "no".   Both of these methods would not be feasible for the College at this time. Birth control, which may be in the form of spaying, would only be implemented as a research initiative, something the College is not currently equipped to do, and that a fence would disrupt the movement of other wildlife to and from the Farm, which would cause an imbalance to the area.

The cull of 2010 sparked protests not only from Vassar students but also Dutchess County locals. The College was caught off guard by these protests. 

Urge Vassar College to use other means of addressing the deer overpopulation and spare the lives of these deer.  Tell them to stop the senseless killing of innocent deer.  Urge Vassar College not to promote mass execution and murder at their educational institution.  Ask them to set higher standards and to provide better examples of acceptable human behavior, coping skills and problem solving.   They have the power to mold the minds of young people within our society.   Animal cruelty and terrorist tactics lend to serial killers; not productive society members.  Tell them that mass murder is not an acceptable method of population control.  

Together our voices can make a difference. 

Please put a stop to the slaughter  of innocent deer and opt to explore other methods of population control.  Teaching respect for life and all living creatures should be the primary goal of an educational institution that prepares young individuals to go out into the world and become productive members of our society.  Providing good examples of civilized behavior is imperative for our universities, in an effort to heal our society's woes -  as we have seen a multitude of killing sprees over the last several years.  A  deer population management program should be explored at a research facility;  not a deer extermination program.  Condoning mass murder conveys a poor message to our young people.  This type of behavior is learned and perpetuated.  Its been notated that  individual homicide numbers are down while mass murders are on the rise.  Be in the forefront of change.  Set an example of empathy and compassion.  Be civilized.  It's time to let go of the blood lust.

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