We voted out of EU so accept this decision made by the British people

I have to wait 3 weeks to get a routine Drs appointment Drs appointment and have been told that I am unable to get the treatment I need because of budgets.

my daughter is on minimum wage, getting next to no help from government and has high private rent to pay. She is unable to get affordable housing because of the shortage because of all the migrants . I have to work to be able to keep giving her money for basic things such as food as she is living in poverty like so many of her friends. When do you see a migrant in this country living like this?The NHS is in crisis and at breaking point because migrants are getting free medical care without paying a penny into the system which is why I can't get treatment, the benefits system is stretched to the limit because of these migrants claiming everything without paying into system again and the British people keep having to take cuts in services to pay for these people.

if anyone reading this thinks it is exaggerated then I suggest they come down to earth and see what is really going on. These people with blinkers on need to be paid minimum wage , have to pay high private rent, get ill and live like us. These people would soon have their eyes opened to what is really going on.

look at the amount of British homeless. Take a look at the disabled and old people who are struggling in this country and then take a long hard look at the state of our NHS and benefits! 

We, the British people had a referendum and voted to come out of the EU. We, the people who voted to leave are fed up with remainders and other people in high places trying to stop this from happening. We are better off leaving as many other countries want and all this money that we are paying to European Union will be better spent in our own country rather than being paid to them for no return. I believe that these people who are interfering should accept that we have voted to leave just as Teresa May has done and leave Teresa May to do her best for Britian!

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