Demand Justice Over Government Monitoring Citizens

  • by: Kyara Giovanny
  • target: The Government & Who ever is part of helping monitor Citizenz

Why should you sign this petition? As we all know, The Government has tapped into our "Privacy." World wide is no longer safe in the terms of having their own privacy and this issue is based on a violation of right. The government is monitoring all our phone calls, text messages, emails, coordinates of daily locations and even the internet. Shouldn't we Americans, citizens have the right to speak up and fight for justice for what we believe is wrong? Of course, we should be able to change the world for the better good. If its a world of freedom, we shouldn't fear holding back the truth. I'm no expert but I surely am no fool either. Based on my research I've gathered up exact information to back me up on why should we fight for our right. What is the supreme law of the land? I believe, the constitution. The Constitution establishes a system of government called "Representative Deomocracy." In a representative democracy (Citizens) choose representatives to make the laws. And laws made in the United states must follow the Constitution. The idea of self-government is in the first three words of the Constitution, WE THE PEOPLE. (Citizens) Who have the right to make laws. The constitution sets and defines the government and protects basic rights of Americans. Now this problem of the government choosing to monitor everything we the people do, is not something we the people have agreed up on. The government controls but as human rights that we have, there is nothing wrong in trying to change a law that we the people do not agree with. The Declaration of independence lists three rights that the Founding Father considered and the other to be natural and "unalienable." They are the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These ideas about freedom and individual rights were the basis for declaring America's Independence. Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers believed that people are born with natural rights that no government can take away. Government exists to protect these rights. Because the people voluntarily give up power to a government, they can take that power back. The rules of the law clearly states 4 rules. Everyone must follow the law, Leaders must obey the law, Government must obey the law, and no one is above the law. The rule of laws  means that everyone (citizens and leaders) must obey the laws. The United States is a Constitutional Democracy. In constitution democracies, people are willing to obey the laws because the laws are made by the people through elected representatives. Why is the government monitoring everything? What gives the government that right? Who chosed to go through with the Monitoring system? Aren't we the people capable of changing a rule, a law if we believe is wrong and justice should be made? Of course we can, because the people make the laws. The United States is a world of "Freedom", freedom of rights. Human Rights! Making justice! Fight for whats wrong to make it right. Monitoring phone calls, text messages, emails and such is a Violation of Privacy. Is wrong. As said by the government and military survices, cia, fbi and such is to maintain safety but what if there is no harm with those that are innocent? There is always a solution, there could be other ways in learning to track criminals, thiefs, mafia men and such.. But why should we the people that want to live in peace have to pay for anothers mistake? I OBJECT!  The right to petition is one of the fundamental freedoms of all Americans, and is documented in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The First Amendment consists of five “freedoms,” which are: Religion, Free Speech, Free Press, Assembly, and Petition.  The Petition section of the first amendment, also commonly referred to as the Petition Clause, states that “People have the right to appeal to government in favor of or against policies that affect them or in which they feel strongly.  This freedom includes the right to gather signatures in support of a cause and to lobby legislative bodies for or against legislation,” (Copley First Amendment Center) (2).  A more simple definition of the right to petition, is “the right to present requests to the government without punishment or reprisal.  This right is guaranteed in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution” (History Central, 1).Looking at the specific definition of the word petition, as it relates to the freedom of petition and the First Amendment, the word can be used to describe “any nonviolent, legal means of encouraging or disapproving government action, whether directed to the judicial, executive or legislative branch.  Lobbying, letter-writing, e-mail campaigns, testifying before tribunals, filing lawsuits, supporting referenda, collecting signatures for ballot initiatives, peaceful protests and picketing: all public articulation of issues, complaints and interests designed to spur government action qualifies under the petition clause…” (Copley First Amendment Center) (1).

Dear Government and people working with you, I want to explain my discomfort and intentions in going through with this petition. I am no expert and I am no problem starter neither but I surely am a U.S Citizen. I do not know if I can get in trouble with the law, authority for voicing my opinion about a matter we are all concerned of, I don't think so. I want to help make this world a better place even if I am young. Because we can all make a change for the better good. It takes bravery and courage in stepping up and speaking of a matter you know nothing of but even so, if you have enough information to back you up, it is possible something can be done. I don't intend any harm, but I would like to have conversations with family, friends, acquaintances, not fearing that I'm being herd. Whether is through a phone call, texting someone, a chat website, using the internet.. I want to know I'm in the safety of my own home. Knowing that I'm being monitored is really creepy and uncomfortable. Who likes knowing they're being stalked, monitored.. Yikes .. 

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