Eliminate The U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program

Spawar (Space and naval warfare systems) is a division of the United States Navy located in San Diego,California at Point Loma.It is the home of the U.S. Navy's Marine Mammal Program,founded in 1960.The program was created for the purpose of training marine mammals,namely dolphins,sea lions,seals,whales,manta rays to detect underwater mines,locate and identify enemy divers and swimmers,and to carry military equipment into combat missions.This all began as a result of intelligence gathered by U.S.Navy intelligence,and the Central Intelligence Agency,that the former Soviet Navy had instituted such a program,and that they had trained dolphins,as well as seals,to detect enemy combatant swimmers and kill them,to detect enemy vessels and carry explosives to the ships hull,on kamikaze type missions.The Navy steadfastly denies to this day that it has never trained any of it's marine mammals to kill another human being or to carry explosive devices to enemy ships and piers.U.S.Navy spokesman Tom Lapuzza has stated "They are only utilized for mine detection and detection of enemy frogmen and swimmers,we do not use them to kill people or to carry explosives to enemy ships or piers." "All of the animals are well cared for and housed in a "good"environment." The dolphins are contained in a 30 x30 ft. floating pens  attached to a 30x60ft. "living"area.The Navy is now gearing up for a confrontation with Iran,Iran has stated it is considering closing the straits of Hormuz and prevent entry of U.S. Naval vessels. The Navy has stated it will deploy it's dolphins to the area if the straits of Hormuz are closed,and they will be subjected to great danger as was the case when they were deployed during the Vietnam War,and The Persian Gulf War. The Navy refuses to give information on Dolphin casualties from any conflict or from it's training program.The Navy states also that their Marine Mammals do not perform combat tasks that would relate to the death of any human being. It has been stated by previous dolphin handlers of this program that the Navy has been untruthful regarding this claim,that dolphins were used during Vietnam to carry explosive devices into ports and also trained to drown enemy frogmen. During the Persian Gulf War ,Even Dolphins found by Iranian Gunboat crews that were not associated with the U.S. Navy were machine gunned to death when located,as a security measure. We the undersigned request the President of the United States Barack Obama,to sign an executive order thus ending the use of this cruel and unnecessary program. The Russian Government ended their program in the 1990's and considered it a waste of resources. Even during the Persian Gulf War, the chief naval operations officer declared that the program has a very low success rate in action. It has also been reported that duringtraining,Dolphins and Sea Lions have been beaten,kicked,and starved for failing to achieve their assigned task.We demand an end to this wasteful and inhumane program.
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