Stop the Deportation of Lucene Charles and her Daughter

UPDATE: Feb 19/12 - On Fri Feb 17, a Federal court judge granted Lucene and Ajohke a stay.  The two were set to be removed on Feb. 20 by CBSA. Lucene found out just before attending the Hamilton rally in support of her family. To read more go to

We continue to seek signatures in support of keeping the Charles family together as this is only a stay and not a permanent solution.

Please sign our petition in support of allowing Lucene and Ajokhe to remain Canada and please email or call the government officials named below to state your concern that the Canadian government is separating a stable self-sufficient family with no regards to the rights of Lucene’s sons, who are Canadian citizens.

The best interest of the children is not being considered in this case.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep the petition going. It is having an impact!  

If this is the first time you are hearing about the Charles family please go to the website Canadian for Lucene Charles to learn more about the Charles family and how you can help.

Please call or email:▪    The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

613-992-2235 or email OR

▪    The Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety

613-992-3128 or email

▪    David Christopherson, Member of Parliament for Hamilton, Hamilton Centre

Ottawa # 613-995-1757, Hamilton Office 905-526-0770 or or

Original information:
Background: Lucene Charles
and her daughter can be deported from Canada any day now unless you help. This means she and her daughter will be separated from her three minor Canadian born sons.

After being eligible for residency and currently qualifying for a work permit, Lucene has been may be required to leave Canada after missing her opportunity to become a permanent resident because of a combined cycle of abuse from her ex-husband and poverty.

Join your voice with ours to help stop this injustice!

Thank you to all who have been signing the petition with your support - please continue! Your signatures and messages and prayers of support mean so much to Lucene. They also help us send a clear message to government representatives. Yet, with the fluctuating news of she has to go now and then a delay on that order, things are unpredictable. As a result there was an immediate need to help raise funds; a new lawyer has had to be hired to take the process to the next stage. It is for this reason Canadian for Lucene are humbly requesting donations to assist in the legal process.  All donations will be received and managed by St. Paul's Church with oversight and all funds raised beyond this used to cover legal representation, the flight and short term resettlement costs.

Donations by mail can be sent to: Charles Family Defense Fund, c/o St. Paul’s Church, 1140 King St. W., Hamilton, L8S 1M1.


You can also make a donation through PayPal by sending your gift of support to:
Whereas Lucene Charles and her youngest daughter are under an order of deportation;
And because deportation would separate Lucene Charles from her three Canadian born minor children (and them from their young sister), her family, her friends and her means of living; 
Because Lucene is her children's  primary financial and emotional support and her children need their mother, who in turn needs them; 
Because Canada signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child, recognizing the particular responsibility of the government to protect children. A central commitment made by the Canadian government was to make the best interests of the child the primary consideration in all decisions affecting them; 
Because Lucene is a hardworking, contributing and engaged member of her community and society and encourages and supports her children to be engaged and productive Canadian citizens;
Because EVERY human being has the right to live under fair conditions, in security and with dignity, among one's family; 
Because the deportation of human beings is a form of state violence which must not be tolerated in a country that heralds the respect of human rights; 
We the undersigned demand that Lucene Charles and her family are not separated and remain together, united on Canadian soil!

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