OCRC's board should listen to the community

  • by: سيف الله
  • recipient: To the Muslim community in Everett, Malden, and the surrounding area

As salaamu alaikum brothers and sisters,

            The AMC started sending wrong messages and shameful lies to our Muslim community. Since they are accustomed to this kind of behavior, they will not stop twisting the truth, faking stories in attempt to receive the sympathy of our noble community.

            As you all know, we are not committed by obligation to worship Allah in one Masjid. All the masjids are houses of Allah and since we are contributing in the development of all of our centers, we have the right to ask about the activities being conducted in those centers. We are the source of strength after Allah.  

            The people affected by this noble movement, have a lot to hide. They are not willing to disclose their financial sheet. They are very controlling.  For example, discussing school financial activities are forbidden.  Democratic elections are not open but instead are prearranged. They’ve written and redrafted the bylaw in such a way as to not let anyone have access to anything

            They want to establish clubs, not houses of Allah. We have been called visitors and have been asked to leave their masjid because they couldn’t answer the worshiper’s simplest questions about their persecution and cynicism vs the Imam. They couldn’t even give a straight answer.  They started signaling each other with their eyes then began a false fight which made the assembly void. This is something that they have done in the past and have perfected it.

            We are MUSLIMS. We have a right to transparency. We need elections. We need all the books to be open. We need our school to be under the control of the Mosque and not in the hands of under-qualified individuals.

            We are not against the masjid. We are against a group of self-important people that are victims of their own desires. They behave with no knowledge of the Quran and the Sunnah.  They are even telling the Imam not to mention the haram and to ignore certain topics.

            The AMC that are covering up the controversial Malden center activities are practicing the same thing. They are exhibiting behavior that will affect our youth’s future. We will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

              For your information, educated Muslims left the AMC a long time ago. The AMC were facing a very difficult time. They decided to merge with Malden. We encourage all efforts to bring our communities together. We do not, however, want to be just followers.  We want to be involved from the ground up, from teaching the Book and the Sunnah to participating and controlling all the center’s activities.

            If you read emails from the AMC and the Malden masjid, you would find them using lies, basing their stories upon emotions. They are asking you to support a person who is taking advantage of the school, something that he considers his private propriety.

                And Allah knows best.

               As salaamu alaikum


Your concerned brothers and sisters 

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