Dwayne, one of my uncles was born 1963. Aged 55 now, has lived in the united kingdom with all of us since since 2004 on an ancestral visa. An error on our part allowed his visa to expire a few years ago which led to home office probably seeing him as an illegal immigrant. We all know this colossal mistake can infuriate the law, but it was a genuine mistake. My one uncle Clifford has dealt mostly with all the visas etcetara needed for Dwayne and my grandmother Diana . Unfortunately the home office have said that Dwayne must be deported back to Zimbabwe immediately because this coupled with the obvious numerous other legalities that always link with these matters. It is a very very long, painful process and to say the least, it's very damning for us all, including my grandmother who has had Dwayne by her side since birth.

Truth is, Dwayne is allowed to be here despite our over site to renew his visa in time. He has ancestral rights to be here. Clifford has received a refusal letter from immigration, but the lawyers involved are saying that Dwayne has one appeal with the immigration court. To which we would have to stand in front of the judge and explain this mistake along with numerous other reasons why he should not be sent back to Zimbabwe alone, with no Mother, family, no place to call home.

Dwayne has autism, along with tourette's, He gets all the help he needs from his family here in England, emotional, physical, financial, and any other that comes with it. He asks for nothing, and lives a very simple life without any burden on the state at all.

All of his family are here in the united kingdom, Legally I might add, and he would be too if we had not made this error. They don't care that Dwayne is autistic and has the brain power of an 11 year old on a daily basis. He has done nothing in life to deserve this and I feel he reserves the right to stay by his mother's side to look after her as she has done with him from day one. Since the day Mom and Dwayne came to this country, all of us family especially his brothers and sister have supported them financially and have asked the state for nothing in return. They are genuine people and do not deserve this.

My grabdmother (75)would never be able to go back to Zimbabwe at her age if Dwayne were sent back. She probably wouldn't make the plane trip. Even if she did, she too would be walking back to nothing with him by her side. Not to mention moving one family member out of a full family can completely destroy and break it down to nothing.

We are currently in need of just under £2000 just for the appeal in court alone. Most of this is for lawyers fee. Ultimately the judge will decide whether Dwayne can stay or must be sent home. In the past two years it has cost us approximately £7000 to home office for various lawyers fees and application fees. We have nothing left except to sell what we own to pay for this last chance at keeping Dwayne in England with us his family.

This is a very sad time for us and I feel sick in my stomach at the prospect of losing one of my uncles who simply cannot survive without us his family.

So PLEASE sign and share this so we can keep Dwayne with us his family (at no cost to the UK goverment)!!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Update #14 years ago
Our story has been published and our local newspaper (Worthing Herald) and we are hoping this will help our cause. Thank you to everyone who has signed. It means the world. Please continue to share and encourage others to sign and share. Thank you.
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