Stop animal brothels in Denmark. Let's fight "legal" bestiality NOW !!!

  • by: Pascal Claeys
  • recipient: Prime Minister of Denmark, Mrs. Thorning-Schmidt

Dear people of the world,

Animal rape and animal brothels, two topics nobody wants to hear, read or even know about...

In Denmark however, it's legal to have sexual intercourse with animals. There even exist animal brothels which are perfectly legal. Places where mostly dogs and other animals are forced to have sexual intercourse with human beings, mostly men, who are willing to pay big money for it. As a logic conclusion, raping an animal carries no punishment.  I would like to stipulate that this is NOT a lifestyle in Denmark and is NOT socially accepted by the Danish population, It's a law on animal welfare that has a gap, and the Danish government should fix it. Manifestations have been held multiple times by animal welfare organizations, still the law hasn't been fixed.

The law in Denmark is fairly open when it comes to a person's legal right to engage in sexual activities with animals. It states that doing so is perfectly legal, as long as the animal involved does not suffer (?????). Of course, this big gap in the law has led to a flourishing business in which perverts from all over the world pay big money in order to have sex with an animal. On the internet, some owners of animals present "services" for people to have sexual encounters with animals. Recently, one of those internet sites was taken down. This of course is leading towards a flourishing sex tourism !!! Former studies done on this matter found that 96% of the people who had sexual conduct with animals also admitted to sex offenses against human beings (children).

The animals are being manhandled in the most cruel ways. They are chained on their necks, muzzled with tape, often their paws are broken and tied to their backs, their rear ends or genitals ripped during the intercourse and often sexually abused to death. If ever an animal survives these cruel acts, it wil be both mentally and physically traumatized for life. 

This phenomenon is now also spreading towards Germany, whose government opposes to these vile acts !!!! So please, SHARE THIS PETITION MASSIVELY ! The world has to see and know what is going on ! We can make a difference for thousands of loving and caring animals. Let US be the voice of the VOICLESS !! Please, when you sign this petition to the Prime Minister of Denmark, leave a personal, yet civilized comment for her on how you feel about the matter. Urge her and her staff to stop these practices immediately.

My goal is to get as many signatures as possible on this petition and send it to the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mrs. Thorning-Schmidt. Your signature DOES make the difference,

thank you so much in name of all the victims of these horrendous crimes.

Dear Prime Minister Thorning-Schmidt,

Dog brothels in Denmark are becoming havens for animal rape and abuse.

Although your laws stipulate that animals involved in these acts should “not suffer,” no clear boundaries or regulations have been established. In addition, no specific punishments exist for violating this condition. As a result dogs are left to sustain both physical and mental trauma from these depraved acts of sexual exploitation, and nobody is charged with animal cruelty. Human reproductive organs are very different than dogs’, making sexual intercourse an extremely dangerous encounter for both species. For dogs, sex with human males typically involves forced entry which can lead to serious health complications such as internal bleeding. Aside from physical harm, dogs also suffer severe mental distress. Being forced into intercourse is disorienting, frightening and stressful for unsuspecting canines. These animals are being manhandled into submission and subjected to unwarranted physical attacks. Bestiality is inherently non-consensual. Dogs are incapable of making fully informed decisions regarding sexual activity with humans. They also cannot voice opposition to such treatment.

For these reasons I urge you and other Denmark officials to ban dog brothels and outlaw bestiality. Forcing an animal to participate in undesired sexual acts is still rape, and most inter-species relations entail some form of injury. Please, protect the welfare of these dogs and punish those who would exploit them for sexual pleasure.

Sincerely yours,

Update #26 years ago
Thank you for massively sharing and signing the petition. People who doubt this phenomenon exists, there is lots of information on this subject.
We've reached about 9500 signatures and the goal is now set to 15000
Update #16 years ago
Thank you all so much for signing the petition. We have reached almost 6500 signatures in less than 3 days. I set my goal to 10000 signatures, but il will be opened for more. Please keep massively sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for your goodness and kindness
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