USA needs to close ALL Animal SlaughterHouses

Tortures exist all over USA of cows, turkeys, pigs and chickens that should not be happening. There are links of diseases that people get by depending solely on meat for nutrition and the meat industry is destroying our planet.  The meat that is purchased from your local grocery store or from a restaurant is coming from a factory farm and slaughterhouse who abused and tortured that animal from birth to its long drawn out death, the animal does not die immediatly.  The animal suffers and gets mutilated while alive and its a standard procedure as long as the grocery stores and restaruants do not stand up for the animals.  In short, the buyer at the grocery store and restaurants who makes a meat purchase is in turn paying to support the torture and mutilation of animals at the farm and slaughterhouse to provide that meat purchase.  With every meat purchase a person makes at the store is giving the ok to slaughter anywhere between 30 to 50 more of that animal depending on the requirement of the meat company.  The supply must achieve the demand right?  An animal today is treated like a gadget that is being created, packaged and on a treadmill to get sent out.  The immoral act going on right now is treating any animal like a product.

Why are we a representation of the cruel species that exist on earth?  We shouldn't, we should be the voice of innocent animals. We can survive without eating meat and there could be a new direction, animals are brought into the world to only suffer their entire life?  If people want to eat meat, then there should be a revised law and a license given and people can hunt for their own meat.  An animal being shot in the wilderness is a lot less gruesome and cruel than what they live through in the factory farms and onto the slaughterhouses.  

Importantly, the meat industry is responsible for more greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrous oxide released into our atmosphere than that of industry or transportation.

The ultimate goal is to close down all factory farms who inhumanely raise animals and slaughterhouses that abuse and torture animals.  As for the people who actually work at the slaughterhouses will need to go get a real job and/or get charged for animal cruelty. 

Here are one of many graphic videos of what goes on in the Slaughterhouses ---


November 1, 2016

State Senators, Members of Congress,

I and the people on this petition, ask respectively, to close down all inhumane farm factories and slaughterhouses.  Due to the continued inhumane practices of raising animals and the evil process animals are forced to endure until their slow tortured death comes to an end. All animals deserve life, to be as they may. Does all life matter? Yes, animal life also matters. 

The numbers of people who are against purchasing animal meat is growing daily.  While there are many people who still do want to eat animal meat will do so in their own time and on their own time. (ie., licensed hunting) There needs to be an end to animal cruelty and earth cruelty now.  People all around the world are learning about what goes on behind closed doors of farm factories and the slaughterhouses, in addition to learning the health risks of eating an animal.  It is not what we the people want.

Lastly, the factory farms and slaughterhouses are a contributor in destroying the earths land.  Brazil should not be losing rainforests the size of two Portugals already due to it being the largest beef exporter in the world. There should be no destroying rainforests or forests anywhere in the world as long as humans are able to nourish without animal meat.

Today, tomorrow and in the future, to kill a animal is a lifestyle choice and possibly a consequence, not a lifestyle requirement and need.  Consider my petition to help animals live the lives they finally deserve.  To Be Free.


Janeene K. Carrillo

Update #14 years ago
Lets cut cruelty out of our diet! Help support my petition by sharing and forwarding to your loved ones and friends. We are not alone, According to, "What Came Before," there are at least 15 million people who don't eat meat... Visit featuring celebrity/comedian Steve-O who is a major supporter of this issue. Help me end this!

Thank you kindly,
Janeene K. Carrillo
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