Stop the Farra do Boi (Ox Fun)!

  • by: Animal Lovers
  • target: Mr. Luiz Henrique da Silveira, Governor of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Easter is arriving... Unfortunately, every year, along with the Easter bunny's happiness comes the ox's sadness. In an act of profound cruelty, Farra do Boi ("Ox Fun") involves the torture and killing of several oxen in more than thirty communities throughout the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. Prominent businessmen and politicians donate the oxen for the carnage. Before the event, the oxen are confined and fasted for several days, being able to see the food and water, in order to increase their despair. The Farra begins with an ox being driven out of its pen and chased through the streets by a crowd of insensitive maniacs screaming and using sticks, knives, stones, whips, bamboo lances and ropes against the poor victim. The murderers torment the animal setting it on fire, throwing pepper on its eyes and then gouging them out, breaking legs, hooves and horns, cutting its tail's off, stabbing and hitting several times as long as the blows are not fatal. The torture may continue for three days or even longer. Some oxen attempt to flee into the ocean and drown. The ones that survive are killed and the meat is divided among the participants, who eat it. Some say that the ritual started as a symbolism for the Passion of Christ with the ox being Judas or Satan, but today the festival has lost any religious connotation and only the barbarism is left. Who are these people that can mistreat an innocent God's creature in His name? I would ask anyone who has a heart and a soul to join me and boycott tourism in Santa Catarina until horrible sadistic people insist on torturing our fellow animals. We are animals too! The other animals have the same right to a decent life as we do. Being rational, it is our job to take care of the other animals which divide the Earth with us. Please join me and request Santa Catarina's governor to reinforce the laws against animal cruelty and have these shameful criminals arrested and charged. Help the oxen to have a peaceful Easter!
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