ExxonMobil's Oil Exploration Kills 100 Whales

In their relentless pursuit of profits above anything else ExxonMobil has killed 100 whales. They are of course denying responsibility. Despite their denials an independent body has found that sonar used by the corporation killed 100 whales off the coast of Madagascar in 2008.

Exxon uses sonar technology in its search for oil around the world and it's time to stop it. On top of the deaths the corporation is now trying to avoid responsibility by claiming the sonic blasts didn’t cause the deaths.

Sonar has been used in war games by the military for years and many studies have linked these events with whale beaching around the world. This has led environmentalists to call for an end to its use. These new findings show that oil exploration is putting whales at risk and possibly on a much wider scale and without any oversight whatsoever.

Exxon has a track record of disregarding the environment and it's time for them to stop this at once!

Dear Mr Tillerson,

We the undersigned demand you end the use of sonic blasts in your oil exploration efforts. An independent body found the use of these blasts by your company killed 100 whales off the coast of Madagascar in 2008.

Sonar and sonic blasts have been linked to the deaths of whales around the world. Please stop killing whales and use safe exploration techniques.

Update #14 years ago
Thank you for supporting this petition. We have just passed 500 signatures and we need a LOT more. If you could take the time to share this petition with your friends, family and other networks that would help get a lot more support and make it possible to get ExxonMobil to stop hurting and killing whales.
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