Horse Racing Is Abuse. Why Are Prince William and Kate Still Supporting and Celebrating It?

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The Royal Ascot is an annual British horse racing event, held each June at a track just outside of London. As with all horse racing, the event is founded and built on animal abuse, pushing unconsenting animals to participate in a sport that kills scores of horses each year.

But the Royal Ascot isn't just any old horse racing. It's an event that's specifically endorsed by the British royal family, which typically attends to watch the competition unfold. In fact, this past week, Prince William and Kate Middleton enthused about how much they enjoyed attending.

Prince William, Kate, and the entire British royal family must stand up against horse racing and animal abuse now!

Horse racing is harmful to animals in a number of different ways. First, the equines are often pushed past their limits in jockeys' desperate bids to outpace other contestants. The pressure they're forced to exert puts them at risk of severe injuries and even death. Horses on race tracks die in a variety of horrifically painful ways, including shattered bones and broken necks. On average, 24 horses die every week just on U.S. race tracks alone.

In many cases, officials have discovered that trainers drug their horses to push them to go faster. These drugs can include substances like alcohol - and also painkillers, so animals won't feel their stressed, tired, injured bodies screaming at them to stop. But running through injuries only makes the situation worse, and more likely the horse will ultimately be euthanized.

Perhaps even worse - those animals that don't "win" enough races or become too old and tired are often sold off to become slaughterhouse meat.

And all this just so some humans can enjoy entertainment, at the cost of these horses' health and lives! Why is the royal family openly supporting and encouraging this selfish, heartless cruelty?

The British people are outraged over this despicable display of indifference to horses' suffering. As one social media commentator pointed out, horses are not simply pieces of sports equipment. It's time for the royal family to stop encouraging this exploitation and abuse!

Sign the petition to demand justice for race horses! Prince William and Kate must apologize for celebrating this abusive practice, and vow never to attend again!
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