Petition against the "Don't say gay" Bill SB0049

  • by: www.wesaygay,com
  • target: To stop the "Don't say gay" Bill SB0049 from becoming law.
We are against the "Don't say gay" Bill SB0049 that would make it illegal to talk about homosexuality in grades below 9 in the state of tennessee. The bill's text is confusing in that section one contradicts section two by saying that sexuality is a complicated topic, then reversing policy and saying 'heterosexuality' is okay. This bill violates our first amendment rights to free speech in schools. We think this bill is unconstitutional, misleading, and wrong. Sign our petition if you agree.

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Dear Senator Joe Hanes,
We have organized this online petition in hopes to fight bill SB0049. This bill, which would ban talking about instructing on any sexuality other then heterosexuality in middle and elementary public schools, would be a grievous assault on our first amendment right to freedom of speech. Section one of the bill says how sex is a complicated matter that should only be discussed by parents. Then the next section reverses policy and talks about how heterosexuality can be discussed. It would also hurt many gay teenagers who are shunned by their parents and for them, school is the only place to which they can talk. And what if a kid got testicular cancer? Often people who get the disease become asexual but under this bill they will not even be allowed to talk about it with teachers, nor will any teacher who has had it be able to talk about with his students.

This bill is making a mockery of Tennessee. Most of us are not this intolerant. It is only a few people like Stacey Campfield who give this state a bad name.

We who have signed this petition agree that this is a completely unjust law. Though we may be from many places, we are still very similar in our belief that all men are created equal, no matter their sexual orientation. And that is why over 2800 people have signed this petition. I hope you see why this bill is a horrible mistake and we hope you can convince your fellow congressmen to vote against it.
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