• by: Cate Clark
  • target: Mayor Tyler Warman and council people of Slave Lake, Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police and SPCA

Ozzi, an African grey parrot, was found dead in a wooded area behind the home of her owner, Asem Al-Daboubi, in Slave Lake, Alberta, on Tuesday. He had raised Ozzi from the time she was just a few months old; she could speak both English and Arabic.

We need to find out what happened to Ozzi and seek justice for her!

On Monday, when Al-Daboubi returned home from work, his beloved bird and her cage were missing. After a frantic search, he found Ozzi's body, covered in cuts and blood, the next day.

This is an opportunity for the avian community to come together and see that justice is done for Ozzi and to kindly speak our minds to the powers that may be. We must express not only our concerns but distain for the horrible torture and death of Ozzi and see the apprehension and conviction of whoever killed her. We must honor Ozzi by asking those who can get results to see that justice is done.


This correspondence will inform you of the day Mr. Asem Al Daboubi and his wife Wafaa lives changed forever.  Their beloved companion of 10 years, Ozzi the African Grey, was kidnapped, tortured and murdered.  This was done at the hands of three teenage perpetrators.  Their motive was nothing more than a diabolical urge to harm and destroy a defenseless animal.

Mr. Al Daboubi has forgiven these boys and although one would not think it be unreasonable to hope that they get the maximum punishment that the law will allow, Mr. Al Daboubi is now more focused on the fact that Ozzi did not die in vain.  That his life and ultimately his death have a purpose.

Mr.  Al Daboubi's purpose and commitment is to see that animal protection laws are either strengthened or created in the name of Ozzi.  Many feel as though the ones who acted out and destroyed Ozzi will get nothing more than a hand slap with no consequences.  We are asking that the laws have accountability, consequences and punishment, regardless of age.

Please support us in our quest.  We do need your help in order to establish laws in Ozzi's name.  You are the people who can do it and we are looking to you to speak for Ozzi and Mr. Al Daboubi.

Attached, you will see the petition with 15,000+ signatures.  They are primarily Canadian, with very clear positions of how they feel on this matter.  Those that are other than Canadian are full of empathy and sympathy.  This could have happened to any one of us. They feel a strong bond to Mr. Al Daboubi and Ozzi and support this issue, regardless of nationality.

In closing, thank you for your time.  I hope you will find compasssion as well as a need for stronger animal welfare laws.  Support us in this matter.


Cate Clark


Update #23 years ago
To all those who have not had the opportunity to read today's updates on Ozzi's Law, the hearing for the three individuals accused of murdering Ozzi was held. They reserved their pleas, from which I understand means that no pleas were entered. This now requires them to hire attorneys. The next hearing will be on July 9th. Please keep all remarks civil and non threatening. We have to respect the law, regardless of whether we like the outcome or not.
Update #13 years ago
Thank you all. We are now trying to see that Ozzi did not die in vain. We are pursuing, through the Canadian lawmakers, that there be either stronger or the creation of animal cruelty laws in the name of Ozzi. That there be consequences regardless of age. We now ask that you e mail these powers that may be. You can get the addresses on Facebook: Ozzi's Law/Justice for Ozzi
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