Ban Cruel Practice of Mutilating Cats in Florida.

    As a resident of Florida and a devoted pet owner, I am deeply concerned about the welfare of our feline family members.

    Recent data from Statista 2024 suggested 68% of Americans have pets. According to Pew Research Center from 2023, over 50% of pet owners view their pets as integral parts of their families, with majority equating them to human family members.

    Journal of American the American Veterinary Association, 2016 call this practice "a form of mutilation". However, cruel practice of declawing still performed by unethical veterinary practices that clearly care about money more than welfare of the animals. This sentiment resonates strongly with me and countless others.
    Declawing is an invasive surgery that involves amputating the last bone in each toe. It clearly affects skeletal system of species and declawing has a substantial effect on the muscular capabilities of cats. This can lead to severe physical complications such as chronic pain, nerve damage and neuropathic pain , behavioral changes like house soliciting, aggression, and biting, and complications like claw regrowth and bony remnants. Moreover, this practice deprives cats of their primary means of defense.

    Despite these concerns, declawing remains legal in our state.

    As many as 28 countries, including many European countries, have banned onychectomy for welfare reasons. Declawing is banned or considered unethical in dozens of countries around the world. In the U.S., New York, Maryland, the District of Columbia and more than a dozen cities have banned declawing.

    By banning cat declawing in Florida, we would be joining other states like New York that have already outlawed this procedure due to its inherent cruelty and unnecessary nature. Let's prioritize animal welfare by putting an end to cat declawing once and for all.

    It's time for us Floridians to take action against this cruel practice and advocate for the rights and wellbeing of our beloved pets.

    Please sign this petition urging lawmakers in Florida to ban cat declawing statewide. Stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves – our cherished feline friends deserve better!
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