Reinstate I.C. Red

Photographer I.C. Red, a key player in Hunterdon Central culture for the past four years, has recently lost his sideline privileges at the will of Superintendent Christina Steffner. An overwhelming amount of people in our community rely on I.C. for brilliant quality pictures of their children, family members, and oftentimes, themselves. The motives behind Steffner’s decision simply do not add up; as I.C. only does a great service to our community. Sign and help get I.C. Red back on the sidelines, where he belongs!

      Ms. Cooley ,Ms. Steffner, and the Hunterdon Central Board of Education, 

We the students, staff, and, parents, and community of Hunterdon Central respectfully ask for the reinstatement of photographer I.C. Red’s sideline privileges at all future sporting events. We respectfully ask that Hunterdon Central’s administration put the politics aside so I.C. can continue to document our school’s events and accomplishments through his stunning photographs. As stated by law, an individual can only be ejected from a public school event at the will of an administrator; the administrator in turn can only eject said individual if he/she has endangered a student or students, and/or disrupted their educational environment. I.C. Red has done neither of those things. I.C. Red has merely presented his opinion through the means of a semi-private venue and it would appear that he is being chastised as a result of this. This is not the first questionable move made by Christina Steffner or her administration.

As students we are taught the importance of critical thinking and freedom of thought, and the actions taken against I.C. Red are a direct violation of those values, not to mention entirely hypocritical.The most valuable lessons that a student can learn is how to think for themselves and stand up for what they believe in; skills that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. The administrative decision to ban Mr. Painter from taking photos from the sideline is not in the best interest of anyone except for, it would appear, the administration. We ask that anyone who sees this move as an injustice to sign, and help us take back the sidelines. “An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”

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