Ban the Sale of Teddy Tanks

This product has some major flaws that will result in the death of many fish. The stuffed animal design provides that child with the opportunity to assume it can take this product around with them, as they would normally do with a stuffed animal. Additionally, the stuffed animal nature of the tank encourages kids to pick them up and shake them. Remember Darla in Finding Nemo? Because of the fragile nature of fish, this movement will cause stress that can lower the animal's immunity, causing infections and as a result, death. Although fish have gills, they still require optimum oxygen flow into their tanks. Because the stuffed animal covers the top of the tank, it will prevent this, ultimately starving the fish of oxygen which will result in death. Some fish, Betas for example, gulp oxygen from the top of the water. With the oxygen flow cut off, they will not be able to do this and this will result in death. This product is putting animals in unnecessary danger, inducing high amounts of stress on the animal, and ultimately will undoubtedly cause death.

Update #32 years ago
Please keep sending this link to friends and family to stop the sale of these cruel and inhumane "fish tanks"
Update #23 years ago
Let's do this guys! We're almost to 40,000 signatures. Please share this petition with your friends, and on social networking! Thanks!
Update #13 years ago
Thanks guys for supporting the ban of Teddy Tanks. Were doing so well within in the first couple of days of the petition, but were not done yet. Please share this petition with you friends and family, so we can shut down Teddy Tanks. Thanks for signing!
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